Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6 Hour Snake Run (sans Snakes)

Well this is a bit late, but better late then never, eh? The 6 Hour Snake Run on March 21st was great. A hint of freezing drizzle at first but that passed quickly. There was a really great turn out. I always feel closest to God when I am on the trails. It is just a "back to nature" feeling.

After a few words from our illustrious race co-director K2 (aka Ken Childress), we were off.

It was like Little Red Riding Hood except for the fact that there was no river (actually there was no Grandma either). There were plenty of friends out on the trail all looking for snakes however the only snake seen was most likely my running tights from Running Funky.

The trail was well marked with pink ribbon with black polka dots as well as "W" signs showing any trail neophytes that they are going in the wrong direction.

Bill Ford ran & was the epitome of Know No Boundaries. Bill was raising money for a high school track runner to be able to go to Australia to compete. Bill ran for 24 hours & ended up at the start of the 6 Hour Snake Run after having already run for 16 hours! Bill ended up with approximately 88 miles! Way to go Bill & congratulations.

Trail running (or any running for that matter) allows me time to think, pray & ccontemplate life. However we often times run across something that totally grabs our attention. Now WHAT is a clothes drier doing in the middle of the trail on Turkey Mountain? I guess that someone was trail running one day & dirtied their clothes & had to go all the way home to wash them. Maybe they thought that bring a washer here would help - - - NOT!! I totally despise people who do not respect our environment & who have not been considerate enough to dispose of this correctly. Whoever you are - - - SHAME ON YOU!

Kathy did a great job of pacing Bill during some of his 24 hour run & had reserve energy to jump in as well during the run.

It would also be poor sportsmanship if we didn't recognize our race sponsor & race mascots.

Thanks TATURS.
On the way will be "Trail Running & the Olfactory".
See you all on the trail & God Bless You.

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T Z said...

Thanks for the great write-up, K2. You called ME K2, and now I am confused. Of course Zombies don't have much brain matter to work with in the 1st place anyway.

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