Friday, June 28, 2013

After Midnight - Pushing the Darkness Boundary

"After midnight, we're gonna let it all . . . " Oh wait, that is not what I was thinking, or was it?
Lots of things change or are perceived to change after midnight. The sun has gone down & it is dark! Darkness has a way of changing one's perspective on things & capping or "limiting" what one is willing to do. Notice I said WILLING! Once the sun goes down, many people raise up that boundary that they "cannot" do certain things. As with most things, this is a self set boundaries. Sure you cannot tan on a lounge chair, but you still can go out to enjoy yourself.
If you happen to enjoy running, your boundary breaker is a good headlamp. Night time running can be a great experience physically, but also emotionally & spiritually. The sense of "being out there" in the dark, has a way of causing one to turn inwards & be more introspective. Analyzing one's life in quiet solitude. It also allows one to connect (or in some cases re-connect) with God. It is quite time within which the Ultimate Dialog can occur.
Mentally, it can be challenging & often times strangely eerie. Your field of vision at night consists of ONLY what the beam of light covers. This tends to create a sort of tunnel vision. Outside of this lighted beam, is total darkness!
It is in the dark recesses of the night, where one's imagination takes over.
"What was that moving in the trees?"
"Do you see "eyes" looking back at you?"
"I feel like I am being stalked."

These are just snippets of the thoughts that run through ones mind but they are JUST THOUGHTS. Thoughts that tend to push the limits of our comfort zone & give us the feeling that we cannot do it.
I am here to tell you that YOU CAN do it & you will be a stronger, better person for it. It will push you onward & upwards THROUGH that self perceived boundary that the dark has you bound in.
As we at Know No Boundaries are always WALKING THE WALK as well as TALKING THE TALK, we are running the 2013 50 Mile Midnight Madness out on by the TATURs (Tulsa Area Trail & Ultra Runners -

Not only will we be pushing through the darkness boundary, but through the temperature boundary as well.
Temps in the Tulsa area are hovering around the century mark during the day, so it will be getting might toasty once the sun comes up.
None-the-less, we will be out with our
 & our hearts to break through one more boundary.
Come out & play with us "after midnight" & have a blast"

Remember, there is no mountain top view without a climb. We want that mountain top view & are climbing without boundaries!

God Bless;

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