Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 TATUR Three/Six Hour Snake Run

Well, the 2011 TATUR Three/Six Hour Snake Run is now in the record books. Ken Childress & the TATURs once again did a fabulous job.

Ken & Brian discuss a few final race details before the gun goes off while patient runners meander around with baited breath to start.

The gun went off @ 9:00 AM sharp & we were of; everyone jockeying for their ideal spot in the train of runners. 2011 has been a slow year starting for Know No Boundaries as far as building a good mileage base because we spent the month of January in Gabon. Our first boundary for 2011 was the 25K at the Post Oak Challenge in February. The six hours is not the boundary, it is the fact that I went into this with a strained left knee. I used Kenisio Tape last night, but as I did it myself, it was not likely done right. I did watch the video though, so we will see. I guess I should have shaved my legs first, eh? Oh well, it will hurt coming off.

Snaking through the Turkey Mountain trails we came across our first aid station at mile 1.

As always, Susan is all smiles. She & her cohorts were fabulous in the early hours of the race. They even provided a few "snakes" to set the mood.

It is always great running Turkey Mountain as friends abound.

Lyle "the man" , looking good here as we cross paths.

Charlie looks like he's flyin' by & in perfect form.

Caroline also looks great as we all seem to cross paths all day.

As always, Randy looks awesome. It must be his long legs.

The day went on (& on & on & . . . ). The weather could not be better however my left knee began giving me problems. YES it was wrapped & YES & was not pushing too hard, but I did not want to be stupid & jeopardize other 2011 endurance runs.

Coming around to the far aid station once again, the crew had changed but still the same great treatment.
Sandra & Pat decided to give Dana a bit of support as she came through the aid station in addition to typical GREAT TATUR support; just like Susan & Company earlier.

Cuisine was varied, but I had a hard time sorting out some of it.

One big thing was that the team from 5 Hour Energy Drink came out to support the race & hand out a few samples (it worked out great for a sample about 2 hours into the race.)

Micah & her friend were great & I am sure were popular with everyone there.

Anyway, the knee kept hurting & as we were not taking any risks, I opted to pull out after (4) loops; approximately 17 miles. The Snake trophy will have to wait for another year & I didn't need the medal.
Be careful pushing today & live to run another day. So I chose the later.
We were only able to push the boundary so far before bordering on stupid.
Better next time - - - - - - besides, the 50 Mile Midnight Madness will soon be upon us.
God Bless;

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