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Route 66 Marathon Completion

Well, the Route 66 Marathon is now history. Weather was beautiful - overcast most of the morning, slightly misty & in the 60's. Having run the Spirit of Survival Marathon 3 weeks prior, I was not sure what I was going to do or expect. The redone course was beautiful however some the hills were saved until the latter part of the race. Oh well.

I had a quick recovery afterwards which is a good sign in my preparation for my Chisohlm Trail Challenge in 2009. I am trying to focus all of my effort on knowing that we truly do not have boundaries except for those that are physically impossibilities. Sometimes through our suffering, we feel that we have reached our limits & just quit. Time & time again, history has shown that people have endured tremendous physical & mental hardships; often beyond what the average person would deem impossible. But ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO LOVE AND SERVE THE LORD.

I will be starting my fund raising campaign in 2008 in efforts to ra…

Way Outside the Boundaries

Well, I finally decided what to do to celebrate my 50th birthday in 2009. I plan on running the Oklahoma portion of the Chisholm Trail!

The Chisholm Trail was used to move Texas Longhorn cattle from Texas up through Oklahoma (Indian Territory back then) up to Kansas where they could have access to the railway & ship cattle to the east. Back in 1867, the first herd of longhorn cattle were driven up the trail.

Although the original trail goes through a lot of provetly owned land, the trail roughly follows Hwy 81. The distance is approximately 150 miles & if I run a marathon distance (26.2 miles) per day, it should take approximately 10 days!

Is there a point to this madness? The point is that we can accomplish impossible tasks with our mind focused on God. We have all read the parable of the mustard seed. It just takes faith, unwaivering faith that all things are possible to those who trust in the Lord.

I will be looking for help from many friends & local entities. From support…

Know No Boundaries

Know No Boundaries

Hmmmm, what are boundaries anyway? To some they are what we tell our children not to color out of, to others they are what divides states and countries while to still others, they stand for our current physical limits. Through God's grace, we can overcome many (if not all) of these self-set boundaries.

Several years ago (or more), my physical boundaries were how far I had to move to get the TV remote. The thought of people actually running 5km seemed ludicrous. After finally getting off my duff and actually running a 5km, I was elated that I broke through a boundary that I thought was impenetrable. Since that first glorious day, countless 5km runs have been completed. This first boundary was just a faint memory.

When one truely loves God & desires to serve Him through all of what He guides us into, many of life's boundaries fall away; some physical boundaries included. Running a marathon was another of those self limiting boundaries. I could not imagine the…