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One Hill of a Challenge

Several years ago (actually 6 years to be exact), a good friend; Ken TZ Childress; & I decided that we would celebrate our July birthdays by doing something crazy related to the number of years of our birth.

We started when we were 50 years old & ran 50 miles, at 52, we did 52 repeats of the Pedestrian Bridge across the Arkansas River. (NOTE: It was great with a nice breeze until the sun got down to where it was beaming down on us below the  bridge covering). Why do I recall that someone stole our pretzels from our make-shift aid station after 6 years?

I believe that at 53, I ran 53 stadium stair repeats. At 54 & 55, I honestly cannot recall. At 56 however, I suggested that we do 56 hill repeats of a nice “hill” along the Creek Turnpike Trail (south of 91st & Hwy 169 just around the curve past the Fairmont Inn). 

The first problem was that I had not run up it beforehand to actually see just how tough it is.

None the less, we got the tent set up & began the climb.

And cl…

Our 2015 Fall Fundraiser is On!

Know No Boundariesis starting our 2015 Fall Fundraiser.

We will once again be raising funds to help the remote Canadian community of Churchill, Manitoba & will also be joining forces with Albert Martens & his Athletes in Action team.

Our Fall races are going to bePumpkin Holler Hunnerdin October here in Tahlequah, Oklahoma & the Polar Bear Marathon actually IN Churchill, Manitoba in November.
Funds raised during this fundraiser will go to help this remote Northern Canadian community with many things that we often take for granted.

Churchill is also the Polar Bear Capital of the World so we’re sure to see plenty of bears! (Lions & Tigers & Bears - - Oh My!)

We will also have an opportunity to help withAthletes in Action’sChristian ministry which will be awesome for us!
Our fundraising goal is $3000 most of which will go to the community of Churchill. Most of the travel expenses, etc. are not coming out of the monies raised & will be covered in other ways. This way, Kn…