Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Weather Boundaries Here

Okay, you have all heard the saying that "if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck" however if it wet & out in the rain, IT IS DEFINITELY A DUCK.
Ahh, but here is where you are wrong. Many of us do not have weather as a boundary as to whether or not to run (remember when we ran in 10 F Arctic weather a few weeks back?) There were plenty of us who totally enjoyed the drizzle. Lisa, Sandra & Bobby do not appear to be melting do they?

I mean, not everybody melts when they get wet. Off we ran out into the cold, dark wetness. We quickly spread out as we headed north down the River Trails & then across the 11th Street Bridge over to the west side of the Arkansas River.

Over on the west side by the bathrooms, Jason & his group stop for a little internal hydration (there was plenty of outside hydration at this point).
From here, some of us continued south to the train tracks at the base of Turkey Mountain, turned around & headed back across the Pedestrian Bridge & back to Veteran's Park. Just past the PSO Plant, my camera pooped out. Surely it was not the drizzle that could be the problem, could it?
Let's see if it dries out in the next few days.
See ya next time for more of pushing this weather boundary. Ice & snow are predicted for Thursday & Friday.
God Bless;

Friday, January 22, 2010

How Much are You Committed?

Every second, someone in the world is committing to something. For followers of my blog, many are committed to breaking out of their self set, self limiting boundaries (oh & to endurance running also). Our last weekend's run was out at Post Oak Lodge on the same trails that will be run for the inagural Post Oak Trail Marathon & 50km in February.

The first hint that it was going to be interesting should have been the fact that 1) we had light rain (hmm, this is a TRAIL run so it is likely to be slightly muddy) & 2) that it was foggy. I just love fog as it always reminds me of Old London, Jack the Ripper & all that stuff.

Brian & team were nice enough to give us a few tips & remind us to sign the waiver before heading out on the trails. A waiver for a trail run? Is there "something out there in "The Fog" that we should know about?

We headed off just as the sun was out. The first thing that should have turned us back was the fact that my feet were soaked within the first 100 yards. But since "boundaries" are not necessarily to keep things in or out, but things that indicate just how much we want something, just how bad is our determination & committment. With this in mind, onward we marched (or should I say slogged). Jonny Spriggs (Post Oak Lodge Run race director) & Ed stopped shortly after heading off to be suer to check for any stragglers. It would be aweful to loose a runner here before the inagural race.

Although the trails are still under construction, Johnny & team did a great job.

Drizzle, rain & fog did not disappoint us. We had pkenty of wet leaves, mud, mud & more mud.

Here Johnny shows Ed how to jump the wet spots without landing in the water.

After slipping & sliding, we crested Hamburger Hill. Too bad past visitors charred the ground.

Even with all of our slipping & sliding, we stll have slogged on to know no boundaries. Besides, we were having loads of fun. It is not every day that grown adults get to play in the mud.

We headed back down from Hamburger Hill & were soon back out on the trails weaving around trees & rocks & leaping across what small creeks were in our way.

It was not long before we stumbled across the ancient ruins of our trail running ancestors.

After a short prayer on trail, we head off & made our approach on Holmes Peak. Holes Peak is the highest point in North East Oklahoma. Once at the top, we were blessed with a beautiful view.

After heading back down, we made it to more level terrain however the mud was still there as Johnny once again show us.

Once we finished up, a few of us wanted to head back out to check some other of the Post Oak Lodge trails. We took one quick break for a group photo.

From here, we finally headed back to the parking lot where I could take stock of myself after one heck of a fun mud party.
Now that we have had fun in the mud & realized that a little rain, a little mud & a bit of cold weather is only a boundary if we so choose. With this said, Know No Boundaries.
Our next run is Saturday & they say 70% chance of rain. Let's see how we can break through this boundary as well.
God Bless;

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Arctic Run - Pushing the Temperature Boundary

There are many boundaries that we run across; some are set by us & some are set by others. Still it is up to us to determine if we want to allow that "boundary" to be permanent or something to overcome. Such was the case this weekend when the weather was somewhat "chilly".I have go to say that it is an odd feeling when the mileage that we are running is more than the actual outside temperature. With the wind chill, it must have been at least 8-9 degrees (we ran 10). It was a true test of "breaking boundaries" for all of us who were out & committed to run despite the weather. I mean come on, we could all have stayed home cuddled up in our Snuggies.

Gathered around by Veteran's Park, we were all ready to go as Lisa held one of the signs (Slower than Oprah" to gather her group.
Soon we were off & body temps seemed to come up. It was snowing as we marched off which was somewhat surreal (I always love to run when it is snowing.)

Up 21st Street to catch the trail & then head north. I always have that funny feeling when we head up towards Peoria & right ahead is Moore's Funeral Home. Shortly after this once we cross Admiral (I think), we run along a cemetery. If this is not an incentive to keep moving, I do not know what is.

Shortly thereafter, we had out first water stop (yes, it was still water & not ice).

TZ (aka Ken Childress), Lisa, Jason & friends get a quick drink before heading off again.

We ran up to 3rd Street & then wound our way through some construction downtown. I wonder why we would get such odd looks from the construction workers there. You would think that we were doing something wrong! I mean, doesn't everybody run Saturday mornings when it is below freezing?

After navigating through the trail-like terrain, we head off to the "Center of the Universe". Quite an odd place & very, very surreal when you are standing there at the actual "center".

As I neared to top, I heard Tom say "Hey, that looks like Ken Saveth" (That's me). Until I get up to the top, I had no idea what he was talking about. Once there, I really had to take a second look. If I had the same glasses & had, it would look a lot like me.

Lisa mentioned on Facebook that this is "Panama Jack" but I could not find a reference anywhere. They say that everyone has a twin somewhere!

Heading back through downtown a lone unicyclist was out & offered a warm hello. Too bad I couldn't get my gloves off fast enough to snap a photo. Back down towards Veteran's Park, we made a short out & back along the river to get in the full 10 miles. Getting thirsty on the way back by the Pedestrian Bridge, I pulled out my water bottle for a drink & to my dismay (but no surprise), it was frozen solid! Hmmm, it this a sign that it is a bit chilly out?

Back at the start, I was able to grab a drink (although 2 out of the 3 water coolers were also frozen). Brian offered a cold beer from what was left over from the "Run Into the New Year 5km". One of us grabbed a non-frozen one & as soon as it was opened, it froze before we cold even get it to their lips. We could actually watch it as it froze.

Oh well, better opt for something warm like a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Until next time friends, keep pushing those boundaries.

One last note, I had lunch with someone who really knows first hand about knowing no boundaries & living outside the box. Todd Huston is a local man who lives & breathes through breaking boundaries & not being "boxed in" by society' mold of how we are to live our lives. I would encourage you to check out his site to see what an amazing person Todd is & to learn about his No Box World.

God Bless You;

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