Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Weather Boundaries Here

Okay, you have all heard the saying that "if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck" however if it wet & out in the rain, IT IS DEFINITELY A DUCK.
Ahh, but here is where you are wrong. Many of us do not have weather as a boundary as to whether or not to run (remember when we ran in 10 F Arctic weather a few weeks back?) There were plenty of us who totally enjoyed the drizzle. Lisa, Sandra & Bobby do not appear to be melting do they?

I mean, not everybody melts when they get wet. Off we ran out into the cold, dark wetness. We quickly spread out as we headed north down the River Trails & then across the 11th Street Bridge over to the west side of the Arkansas River.

Over on the west side by the bathrooms, Jason & his group stop for a little internal hydration (there was plenty of outside hydration at this point).
From here, some of us continued south to the train tracks at the base of Turkey Mountain, turned around & headed back across the Pedestrian Bridge & back to Veteran's Park. Just past the PSO Plant, my camera pooped out. Surely it was not the drizzle that could be the problem, could it?
Let's see if it dries out in the next few days.
See ya next time for more of pushing this weather boundary. Ice & snow are predicted for Thursday & Friday.
God Bless;

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