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Some Things Need To Be Bound

Hello friends.
By now, you have all gotten the point of our foundation and the fact that WE set our own boundaries (or at least 95% of them). It is our own internal dialogue with ourselves that tell us what we can and cannot do. These seemly fragile strands of fine thread which we think as small obstacles on our journey to our goals become steel cables shackling us within our own self created prisons.
These self created boundaries are in a plethora of areas such as financial, physical, spiritual and emotional to list a few. Know No Boundaries is that catalyst to help people to break our of these boundaries initially through the provision of wheelchairs, prosthetics, counseling, guidance and mentoring.
There are however, SOME things that need to be bound. Some things that not only need to be bound, but to be bound AND eliminated. Things such as sin, hate, prejudice, bigotry, lust and a host of horrendous diseases. I believe that many of these CAN be eliminated if we would only break throu…