Monday, April 6, 2009

Running, the olfactory & Perfume

There is nothing like the an early morning run. On the trail, it is the smell of the morning dew, wet grass, jasmine or honeysuckle. In the city, it could be fresh brewed coffee, waffles or bacon wafting through an open window. As the day moves on, the smells of lunch or dinner move in or the smell of pinion wood in the Chimera.

Running with friends always makes it more enjoyable as the talk of eating is the subject of many of our conversations. This is where we can :stretch" the boundaries a bit. Seeing as we are running & burning calories, it is acceptable to talk about food. Too often we only get to have a few packets of GU although this morning, we were treated to pretzels, Cliff Blocks & other sundry treats @ Katheryn's house.

Thanks Kathryn.

I will have to say that the one odor that constantly finds the olfactory is perfume! I mean come on ladies, what's the point? Are you trying to meet your soul mate or impress that handsome dude in your running group? I mean, we are RUNNING, duh! We are expected to sweat. It an be kinda sexy to be hot & sweaty amongst those of the opposite sex.

I had a good conversation with Patti this weekend & she suggested that I cut our the feminist talk & to quit while I was ahead. I need to just get over it & accept that women WILL RUN with perfume & make-up.

I am not getting on to you ladies, it is just that I find it very odd. From a guys perspective, it is impressive enough that you are out there running & taking care of your body & trying to stay healthy. The perfume only detracts from the natural smells of life.

Until next time.
Happy trails.



T Z said...

I have been called weird, crazy, and perverted, but I love the smell of sweat, especially sweaty women! Of course, I also find unshaven armpits on women alluring.

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