Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010 is Coming Fast

Well, 2010 will be here before we know it. What boundaries have you broken through this past year? Have you accomplished any worth while goal that you set out to achieve back in 2008 when you laid out your 2009 resolutions?

Hopefully it was a good year & you have achieved some progress on what you set out to achieve. Often times our New Year's Resolutions are just done to appease our minds but in our heart of hearts, we know that we will not reach them. This is where you faltered. The negative self-talk will do you in every time.

Resolve to set achievable goals in 2010 & to not be distracted. Take steps every day to do at least one thing to bring you closer to your goal. A worthy goal is achieved one step at a time.

Maybe your goal is to run your first marathon. Runner's World has the perfect training program for novices & seasoned runners alike. If you love trail runners, the Tulsa Area Trail Ultra Runners (TATUR) are a great bunch of crazy run-loving people.

Just set some worthy goal & let no boundaries hold you back. Listen to Nick to gain some inspiration & to "Know No Boundaries"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still Pushing

Sorry for the long hiatus again. I had been in the Egyptian desert for 30 days & was out of touch with my blogging. Talk about "pushing boundaries", being in the desert for that long without friends & family (not to mention a good opportunity to run this time around) was pushing my mental boundaries.

Well I have to say that I am back home & things wil lbe clicking along soon enough. Back running again was on thing that was missed. I particularly missed K1; my ultimate running buddy. Although I will have to say that with the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays upon us, I have not spent much with my running friends as I would like.

2010 will be the time for Know No Boundaries to really shine as I will be pouring more of myself into it & kick off the year with some good fundraising events, possible speakers or som other major event. So far I feel that I have been skirting along the boundary edge & have not really pushed over to have a true monumental breakthrough. 2010 will see that push.

As I am not already busy enough, I joined up with the Gentlemen's Association; an organization to strengthen & even bring back the true aspect of being a gentlemen. This is in etiquette, manners, dress as well as business & personal interactions. I am going to be bringing in a chapter here to Oklahoma. In today's society, manners, etiquette & being a gentleman NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT BACK.
We will see what else 2010 brings. Defintely it will bring more opportunities to break through previously set boundaries.

I want to wish each of you a very blessed Christmas holiday & may God bless you & your families.


Monday, October 12, 2009

The Heart of the Matter (Heartland 100 - 2009)

The 2009 Heartland 1oo started off as usual, standing in front of the Prairie Chicken capital sign & then having some good ole' pre-race carbs.

My good friend Ken Childress digs in.

After some good grub, we sat & visited with friends all getting ready to run in the morning.

Here coach Kathy, Jason, Roman, Lisa & Randy all have a bit of a chat.

After heading back to Lisa's dad's house for an awesome sleep over, we all rose to Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast (Breakfast of champions as they say, eh?)

We all dressed & headed off into the darkness @ 4:40 AM only to gather at the race start & try to stay warm.

A few last minute party pics of some of the group just before the start.

The race was off into the darkness. Spirits were high & the weather looked to be heading for a beautiful day. As a matter of fact, the Kansas sunrise over the prairie is a beautiful sight to see.

As the sun rose, temperatures warmed up a bit & we soon headed into the first manned aid station. Kathy & Jason took full advantage to fuel up.

Heading back out, the wind began to really pick up. It seemed that whatever direction we turned, the wind buffeted our face. The sun soon was covered by gray clouds. This made for what seemed to be a nice day turn into a really cold & long run.

The trail was beautiful with rolling hills. (Actually, there were so many rolling hills, I felt as though we were on a roller coaster).

As we ran, the wind grew fierce; so much so that my nose was numb. Good thing for the gloves, & hat.

Ken & & pressed onward & upwards & kept a pretty steady pace (so it seemed). The weather however, was taking a tole on our pace.

By the time we reached the 50 mile turn around, I could have sworn that I saw snow flurries (or maybe it was my breath condensing in front of my headlamp.
None the less, at the Texaco Hill aid station, we had missed the cut off time so were pulled. Seeing as we had given our all on the trail, we had nothing to be upset about. I made it 69 miles which was about 20 miles futher than before. I therefore broke through my old boundary & am now set tp break through it once more.
We may have lost the battle, but we will win the war!
Now as always, Know No Boundaries.
God Bless you & happy trails;

Monday, September 28, 2009

FlatRock 50K (less the flat part)

After being talked into running the 50K @ FlatRock by K1 (aka Trail Zombie), I can say that it was Awesome. TZ looks relaxed before the 50K as he visits with Tom who is running the 25K. Brian on the other hand, was working on his video skills.

The weather was perfect, a bit cool at the start & with about 1 1/2" of rain the night before, we had a bit of a foggy send off.

Once our illustrious race director Eric Steele gave us the count down, we headed down a brief bit of asphalt & then off onto the trail .

Once off the beaten path, the fun began (some people have a weird definition of "fun").

It was not long before the adventure began as the "rock" of FlatRock was there right from the start. Sometimes even a bit of a tight fit.

Some of the places seemed a bit dark & spooky (Oooooo!).

None the less, we pressed onward & upward. Oh, I forgot to mention that the FlatRock course is ANYTHING BUT FLAT! Take a look at this profile -

Here one of the competitors navigates a tough section of the course.

After seeing how easy it was, the rest of the pack followed suit.

It seemed as though we were going up & up & up & up, but at the highest point on the course, we were rewarded with a breathtaking view of Elk City Lake.
Support along the course was second to none with lots of good eats (although I could have used my favorite - Oreo cookie with peanut butter topped with an M&M). Even without this, there was plenty as TZ heads out & Long Vu looks over the selection.

After a quick top off of our water & a bite to eat, TZ was back on the trail (maybe after a bit of bushwhacking, eh?)

Onward we pushed; through thick & thin, over hill & dale (who is Dale anyway & why would we want to go over him?)

With the rain the evening before, we were not let down as there was plenty of good ole' H2O along the course. Here Long Vu demonstrates how to cross without getting your feet wet.

Further on down the trail, I finally found an area that actually had flat rocks that were not at angles or standing up on their edge. It was nice of the race team to move some of these rocks out of our way (NOT!)

I definitely did my share of "clearing the trail" for my fellow runners as I kicked & stumbled over many a rock as I trudged on.

I will give tremendous Kudos to Eric & his team as the course was plenty challenging, plenty interesting with plenty of twists, turns, rocks, ups, downs, rocks, steep climbs, steep descents, rocks & some rock (Hmmm, I am getting the point of the name - FlatRock!).

Although I will not likely make the Hall of Pain any time soon, I will definitely be back next year & thereafter.
I am definitely ready for Heartland 100 now!
As always, live your life for God & Know No Boundaries!
God Bless You;

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from the desert

Well I just MAY have found a "boundary" that I could not overcome. It was a technical boundary that I ran across while working in the Egyptian desert for 30 days. I had taken photos of my running endeavours but soon realized that a satellite Internet connection through Germany was NOT going to allow me to upload photos in my life time. Well now that I am back, I thought I would share a bit.

Heading off from the "camp", it was nothing really spectacular, just a graded dirt road.

After a while, it came to a 'Y' in the road so I headed off to the left. Still nothing too exciting, eh?

Further down the road, I began to run into your typical oilfield stuff (pumping units, storage tanks, etc.).

It was from here on out, that the trail began to get fun!

Lots of rolling hills, rocks, sand, sand, rocks & rolling hills.

It was the ankle twisting kind of rocks (not those little pebble rocks).

It was an absolute blast running here (& also a lot of work considering there was about a 15 mile/hour wind in my face in the way back.

As I ran, I definitely took in the scenery. Although it is deserted (duh, it is a desert), there were some signs of life.
I will say though, that I am very glad to be back home. Now I am preparing for Hearland 100.
(Sorry, I just had to day that.)
As I alwsys say, Know No Boundaries.
God Bless You;

Friday, August 14, 2009

My First Run in Issaran Field, Egypt

Well, here I am; in the desert in Egypt; miles from anything. I am here for (4) weeks to work so I thought I ought to find a place to run. I mean, I cannot use my situation as an obstacle now can I?

I found a 1.5 mile loop around the camp (Woooo!). Not too scenic, but will have to do.

It is a graded dirt road around the camp where I will be staying for four (4) weeks; BLAH!

Oh well, at least I can run. Here I am rounding the corner behind the camp.
Hmmmmm - - - I may have found a "boundary" that is difficult to break; the patience boundary. Here in the field it is like watching paint dry or grass grow in order to upload photos here. I will end for now & will ammend it later with more.
Good night for now & God Bless You.

Words of Wisdom from the Oracle of Omaha

I was surfing the web last night & when I checked my TWITTER account, there on the list of those I follow was a great it of wisdom from the Oracle of Omaha himself - Warren Buffet.

"Chains of habit are so light that we cannot feel them until they are so strong that we cannot break them".

Think about this for a while.

God Bless You;

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Just a quick note to let everyone know that Know No Boundaries is now officially recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) non profit foundation.

After a year an a half of hard work, prayers & God's help, we are finally official.

Stay tuned for updates on how the foundation begins to grow & what events we will have to raise funds.

God Bless You & in life, "Know No Boundaries"

Ken Saveth
Managing Director

50 Miles for 50 Years

Sorry for the delay, but I have been out of the country; in Egypt. 50 years brings up images of some person who is half a century old & limited in their physical & mental abilities. As I constantly mention, most all boundaries are self set so by default, we limit our abilities in practically every way, financial, mental, emotional & physical. For my 50th birthday, I wanted to run 50 miles. It was well planned out & many friends participated in various capacities. K1 (aka Trail Zombie) & I had planned to start from his house near Turkey Mountain at 7 PM on July 10th, head down 71st Street across the Arkansas River to Riverside Drive. We would then head south & then @ 91st & Riverside, turn east & run out to Northeastern State University. Unfortunately it was still plenty warm & in the 90's. Kathy, Roman, Russel, Bobby & Marvin met us @ 96th & Riverside while Lenice started out with us from the start & Craig joined in @ 71st Street.

Heading east along the Creek Turnpike Trail, we began to spread out a bit. K1 & I was constantly aware of our pace. K1's wonderful wife Dana was our crew & was sure to keep us hydrated & fed.

As the sun went down, the temperature dropped a bit but not as much as I had hoped. It stayed really warm (actually hot) for most of the night. Although Dana had us well taken care of, passing the restaurant signs brought on pangs of hunger.. K1 was constantly on the telephone as friends were checking on us most of the night to see where we were & to join in when they could.

The shirts that I had made for my birthday run were great as the logos really stood out. Many thanks to Julie Rock @ Rock Custom Wear.

While K1 & I were still on our outward journey, Craig & Marvin were already on their way back with about 5-6 miles left for them to have completed as full marathon.

By midnight, Dana about had it & headed home after running a few friends back to their cars. She did think of us though as she left ice chests for us to find on our way back. At this point, they were like pots of gold.

Now a sane person would have long said that "they couldn't do this", but I am here to say to you that with proper preparation, anyone can do this. You CAN erase those mental & physically boundaries that you may have set years ago.

As the sun rose, we got to 71st & Riverside where the construction is & low & behold, there was "a boundary". And seeing as we "know no boundaries", we opted to check out the new trail.

Just before we made it here though, we were hit with two shocking signs -

I can promise you that we had NO INTENTION of turning around & if we went any slower, we would be going backwards!

At 31st & Riverside, Dana brought us a frozen cappuccino. It tasted heavenly but after about 5 minutes, I realized it was a mistake. I had not trained with it.

We finished up at 10 AM Saturday morning with smiles on our faces and only a single blister.

At the end of it all, I can say THANK YOU to K1, Dana & all of my friends who made my 50th birthday run unforgetable.

And as I always say, Know No Boundaries.

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