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Forging Beyond Boundaries

Boundaries come in many different forms & are in many different areas. There are spiritual boundaries, emotional boundaries, financial boundaries & physical boundaries within which the bulk of mankind sadly keep within. I say keep within because many of our so called boundaries are self set; set within our own minds. The problem is that often times these initially fine boundary webs when believed strong enough become like steel cables binding from within & keeping us from becoming all that God has planned for us.

Paul Damion Hughes is our September 2010 Boundary Breaker of the month. He is one person who has brushed away these fine webs of pseudo-limitations in the area of art to use techniques long disappeared.

When Damion was in 7th grade, he was introduced to stone sculpting. He was quickly hooked on his ability to take cold innate stone & with ones own two hands & a few primitive tools, could transform that stone into something that expressed warmth & emotio…

Who Am I?

"Who Am I?"

I can be the culmination of an effort well orchestrated or a sought after goal not to be known.
I will drive you to achieve your dreams or stress you to the point of despair....
I am the intimate friend of every successful leader or winner as well as the mortal enemy of those who do not.
With discipline & determination, we will surly meet yet with out it, we will remain strangers.
Every person who has achieved greatness has known me and those who have not yearn to know me.
Who am I?