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The BIG Picture - Stay Focused On It!

Well friends, Thanksgiving 2012 is now behind us and hopefully we all spent time with family friends focused on what we are thankful for! Things have been nothing short of chaotic so I am JUST NOW giving a Race Report / Fund Raising Report for Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd held the end of October.

Race morning started off a bit chilly (36 degrees) but warmed up quickly.

(yes, I am in there somewhere.)   As the day unfolded, and night set in, it was becoming evident that it was going to be Deja Vu from last year. Time knows no allies and is equal to all. Time was NOT ON MY SIDE this day however I was 30 minutes ahead of last year's race.

I needed to focus on the BIG PICTURE.

The BIG PICTURE was raising money for Jason Bowlin and NOT MY own selfish endeavor to finish a race. The decision was made after 70 miles, to "call it good"  &be satisfied with the cause. All in all, Know No Boundaries raised just over $1050 to help Jason & his family with his medical expenses. No …