Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remember You Are Dust & to Dust You Shall Return

You know all of this talk & encouragement about "knowing no boundaries" made me think recently. This is the season of Lent & during this time we have an opportunity to look at our mortality. What's that I said - mortality. That puts in perspective that we ultimately do have some earthly boundaries. It is not until we are in heaven, that we will truly have NO BOUNDARIES & will be immortal.

I continue to run into people who for no reason except for their own choice, have chosen to set boundaries; physical, professional, mental, emotional & on & on & on.

A man from California is planning on running across American in 2011 - BAREFOOT! Why you say? I say "Why not?" Motivational speaker Chris Widener has a phenomenal memory & has been able to repeat back 100 numbers backward & forward after only seeing them once for approximately 5 minutes. How you say? Learn the mental exercises & processes & do it yourself. The problem is that people say "I would give anything if I could ______ (you fill in the blank)?" They would give anything except time & effort.

Take time this Lenten season to not only reflect on your own mortality & your own TRUE boundaries & then decide to break through all others. You CAN DO IT.

"There is no mountain view without first a climb." - Ken Saveth

God Bless You


T Z said...

So....ya wanna run a little coast-to-coast in 2011?

ultra runner said...

This would be aswsome K1. I chatted with the guy last night on FAcebook. If he plans on running through Oklahoma, I am planning on joining him. It would be totally cool!

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