Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Just Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Well friends, God is amzing in how He brings things together in just the rignt way & at just the right time. I have been attending a local networking group weekly. As a result, I have ran across some great opportunities for fundaising opportunities for the foundation. Although I am still wrestling with the IRS on the 501 (c)(3) status, I believe that this is from God & that it WILL happen. I am looking at logo candles from the Macaroni Candle Company & possible T-shirts from Rock Custom Wear out of Middleburg, Florida. check out their first go at the logo in reflective vinyl.
I continue to be amazed at how many people in the world who are living examples of "Knowing No Boundaries". A man in Missouri wou has been running barefoot for 5 years (rain or snow) & is raising money to supply wheelchairs for people in Africa; Serge & Nicole's around the world; 25,000 mile; 5 year epic run raising money for various charities but mainly Vision Quest to provide treatment and prevention for blinding eye conditions in under served areas worldwide. And then there is Erskein Lenier who will run across America in 2011 - BAREFOOT!
There are plenty of people out there breaking through boundaries & doing it for the good of humanity.
As for me & my world, I continue to grow Know No Boundaries & run with my usual group during the week & on Saturdays. This past Saturday was a great 18 miler (although I cut it to 13 1/4 for me as I missed some of the long runs lately).

The Tulsa sunrise is always beautiful. Many wer not present as they had the annual St. Patricks Day Run this morning. Too bad w didn't see any Leprechans.
Part of the way through the Midland Valley Trail, we always come up on this building. I cannot figure out why I always pick up the pace here. Even more daunting, is the fact that "the next step" comes up next on the trail.
None-the-less, the mornings run was good & we had a great time.

See you all on the trail & as always, God Bless You & Know No Boundaries!

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