Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Schedule Changes - Chisholm Trail Ultra

Hello friends. I am SURE all is well with you (as they should be since you DO have a choice, right?).

I have recently taken a new position with a new company. With changes such as this, we need to step back & review our priorities.

Life Events such as this often affect other things in our lives. In this case, it is the vacation that I have (or should I say NOT HAVE) this September.

With this said, the Chisholm Trail Ultra that was initially planned for September 13th through the 20th will need to be postponed (notice I DID NOT SAY cancelled!). IT WILL HAPPEN, but just at a later date. I am considering some time in the Spring 2013 when the weather in Oklahoma is tolerable.

Although this was a real bummer for us here at Know No Boundaries, it could actually be a blessing in disguise. NOTHING happens without a reason. This delay will allow additional things to be considered. One option we are kicking around is the possibility of adding a Relay option. Hmmm, the jury is still out on this for now. Also, if you have some suggestions, get with us & we can consider it. It will also allow for more training (definitely need this as the run is 233 miles!).

For now though, we are looking at our calendars & will be looking for a good time to re-schedule it.

Our apologies.

And remember, Know No Boundaries.

God Bless;

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