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2009 - A Time to Break Out!

Good day everyone.

It is a GREAT day to be alive, eh? Although 2008 is quickly coming to an end, do not forget the birthday celebration tomorrow, our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember the "Reason for the Season". It is not about buying that latest gadget or outfit, but about being all we can be with what God blessed us with & TO SHARE IT with our fellow man (& woman). There are plany of people who will not celebrate Christmas as advertized so it is up to us to bring Christmas Cheer to them!

For those of us who are still stuck within our own, self set limitations, know that God madse us to be all that we can be & to do all we can do. We should not limit ourselves based upon our own perception of reality. Often we are looking at the world through rose colored glasses. You never knew of a tree that only grew half way did you? No, it grew as tall as it could grow. As we sit down & begin to write down our goals & what "boundaries" we wil break out of in 200…

A Blistering Pace

Well - - - - - - - Mother Road 100 (Part 2) is now behind me & I have learned a lot from my experience. Taking off at 9 AM on a beautiful Saturday morning gafe no hint of what was ahead of me. As the miles clicked on, I met & talked to many, many wonderful people from all different places. I had a warm feeling inside that I was not alone in my crazy, off kilter world of ultra running and that there are actually other beings who share in this love.

The countryside was beautiful & many passer byers (hmmm, is that a word?) honked or waved. The small towns that we ran through were great. They obviously had no idea of our lunitic tendencies. My friend & neighbor (Craig J.) was a life saver as we played leap frog all day with me running & him keeping all of my needs (E.g. Powerbars, drinks, pretzels, gloves, headlights, etc.) in his car. One thing that mere mortal runners NEVER think of when running is "the call of the wild". Needless to say, toilet paper was no…

Mine Your Step

Well it is just two days until the Mother Road 100 - Part & a real test to push my boundaries. I am anxious, excited, scared & everything in between. Have I trained enough? Have I spent enough time preparing? Am I ready? I believe that the answer is obviously NO. We are never truly ready to step outside our comfort zone but that is just it, we need to know the feeling of crossing the boundaries, to feel the exhilaration of overcoming a previously set limitation or boundary.

For the past several months, I have been running & preparing. Unfortunately my job takes me out of the USA so I cannot always get in that important "long run" every week. Last week was one of those times. I had been in Egypt for 10 days & was approximately 5 Km from the Red Sea. What a view & what a chance to run along the Red Sea; to stand where Moses had stood (or at least close). I asked the guys at the camp where I was working where to go & they pointed to graded dirt road that …

Between the Ears

What is actually between our ears? Some think that our brains are there. Actually, our entire reality is there. Our life's experience is present as a culmination of all of what we have experienced so far & our interpertation of how those experiences relate to us. It is through OUR eyes that our reality is created. Whether it is true or not, we make it so according to what we decide. This is where the self limiting boundaries are set or overcome.

Tonight I sat in on a presentation on Psychology and Running. In that presentation, we were told how our mental view of life; our life; become our reality. How we play these mental games to either convince ourselfs to do or not do something. We were told that we need a road map to help us achieve our goals whatever they may be. With out this map we are like Alice in Wonderland when she met the Cheshire Cat.
"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?' `That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,'…


What comes to mind when you think of ants; maybe a ruined picnic or biting fire ants? Think about it for a minute. In your mind's eye, picture an ant walking across a picnic table. You move something in its way. What happens? He (or she) goes around. You move the item in front of it again & the same thing happens. Let's say that now, you string a whole bunch of things across the whole table. What happens now? The ant may move to the edge of the table & even try to go along the edge or the underside. If he can't, he may just climb right over the top.
Now you are probably asking yourself what does this have to do with "knowing no boundaries". Look at it this way, the ant has some goal (walking to the other side of the table). It is not aware of the option of "giving up" or just going part of the way. Once on his way, the ant will continue to try & try & try & try until either he reaches his destination or you squash him.

Can't we rel…

Some days . . . .

Sunday was the Turkey & TATURS 50km trail run (2x 25km loops - one in each direction). I was very curious as to how the day was to pan out as it had been raining the day before & it was supposed to rain the day of the race. Although the trail was going t be plenty muddy (yea mud!), I was not looking forward to running 50km in the rain AND THE MUD. The Trail Gods were smiling that morning as it was not raining & was perfect running weather. It was dark for the first 15 - 20 minutes until the sun came up & then it was a perfect running day. The trail was very peaceful & serene. Once all the runners were out of the way (which was not long) as they were far ahead, the birds, & frogs put on a concert like no other. What a way to hear God & know His presence in the world.
Aside from my spiritual focus, I was definitely focusing on pink ribbons with black dots. If not, I was sure to get lost. There were also plates nailed to trees pointing out the direction of the…

Nothing like my morning shot of running (better than coffee)

My early Saturday morning runs are great - they are better than a double shot of expresso or a hot cup of your favorite Joe (I always though coffee's name was Juan Valedez). It is great to be up & active & to be in tune with the world BEFORE most prole are awake.

Anyway, it is always nice to get out & get the ol' bones moving. Getting up early is another one of those so called "boundaries" that we often run into. "How can you get up so early? Aren't you tired? I could never get up that early on a Saturday. I need my rest after working all week." So once again, here is the proverbial self fullfilling prophesy - "I could never get up that early on a Saturday." That is the key to Know No Boundaries, the fact that people limit themselves in EVERY ASPECT of their lives by this negative self talk. The most important conversations that you will ever have in you life, are those that you have with youself! If you say yo can or if you say you…


Well, the Big One came & went. I was really psyched for this run but it was not my night. Dinner just didn't sit well (need I say more?). It started off GREAT around 9:00 - 9:15 PM. Although I had hoped that the weather would have colled off, it was H O T!. Oh did I mention a zillion percent humidity as well? I made it about 13 miles & then had to hang it up. There was no body more disappointed at me than I was. Unfortunately I reall beat myself up all the next day. Sometimes the mind is strong & the body is weak. I need to really be aware of WHAT I eat & WHEN I eat it. I will not do this again. I am looking for another opportunity ro run long. I might just have to plan additional miles around my normal Saturday morning long run.

I really need to work on this mental game as well. I mean, that is what it is right; a mental game? The mind needs to be like a steel trap with regards to its committment & it needs to fool the body that it is not that bad. I'll wor…

The Big One

Saturday evening we have our B I G run. I am using it for my Mother Road 100 training run. It looks to be about 51 miles (yikes!). We will start around 9:00 PM (ish). Knowing my pace, I will probably get back to the house around the time that my daughter is finishig a late breakfast - around 11:00 AM Sunday.

I am pretty psyched (is that how it is spelled??) about it as well as a bit apprehensive. My pace is slow so I often end up running alone. At night, it could be a bit SPOOKY (lions & tigers & bears Oh My!)

Oh well. It should be a blast anyway. At least I can sleep the rest of Sunday when I get back home.

Know No Boundaries is also beginning to take a more solid shape. I am waiting on final approval from the IRS for my 501C3 status. Then we can begin seeking donations. The website should also be up soon. It may not be totall high tech at first, but I will be working with our Director of Technology on adding plenty of fluff.

Until next time my friends. And as always, Know No Bou…

In The Dark

Well friends, I had my FIRST night run. What a rush! Several of us met along one portion of the Creek Turnpike Trail @ about 10:45 PM & got in a good 14 miles. It was very surreal for me at first. Headlamps bobbing up & down, darkness on either side with "things" lurking just outside the lit path. It sort of gets the ole' adrenaline going. One good thing about running in the dark is that since you only see what is in the scope of your headlamp, you cannot see any of the hills looming ahead & do not end up anticipating anything.

The run was great & the cooler night brought out intense scents of honeysuckle. It was almost overwhelming at times. None-the-less, the run was great. Seeing as the Mother Road will have plenty of time "in the dark", it was good to get one in. Now if I can only get in a few more.

There is a 60 miler planned for sometime in August which will be an ideal opportunity to really get the feel of running through the night.


Fast Trax Ultra - One More Step

Well, I finally got in my FIRST "international" ultra run. I ran 50 km in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I was "sappy" when I was done. Sad because I had paid for 50 miles of pain when in reality, I cut back to 50 km bu the end of the day. The happy part was that I pulled off a PR for my 50 km distance (yeah!). I guess I will just need to get in a 50 miler this summer (Whew! It will sure be HOT!). It is all onmy way to the Mother Road this November. Oh did I mention that I paid for 100 miles of enjoyment along historic Route 66? I will definitely have to push through whatever boundaries I have. This will be physical as well as mental.

Well the paperwork has been submitted to the IRS in te final step for Know No Boundaries to be a real 501C3 non-profit organization. The board of directors is already formed & we are looking for our first bit of work & will be accepting donations soon.

It is funny how things work out for those who serve the Lord. I run into people wh…

On my way to 100

Well it has been a while since I have added anything, but I have finally bit the proverbial bullet. I have put my money where my mouth is. I have signed up & payed for the 2008 Mother Road 100 Mile Road Race. It is a 100 miles on old Route 66 in Western Oklahoma held in November. My previous "boundary" had been 50 miles so I had to break through that.

As part of my training, I will be doing the FastTrax Ultra 50 mile run in Edmonton, Alberta Canada on June 14th. At least this is a start.

There are probably a few other long runs that I will be doing between now & November to prepare myself for this.

On the real front line, I officially began the process for Know No Boundaries to be a true 501C3 Non Profit Charitable organization. The documentation should be in any time. I have met with the local chapter of Catholic Charities & will be joining up with them to provide some mentoring, counseling & whatever is needed to some of the people who contact them & who s…

Gaining Momentum

Know No Boundaries is gaining momentum in that I am searching for a recipient for me to help break through their boundary. I think as a first "live" attempt at taking my ministry to the world, I am going to try to find a person who has a physical boundary in that they cannot achieve or do something due to a lack of a wheelchair, prosthesis or some other physical device. Maybe they cannot afford it or they do not feel that it will help.

Through much prayer & contemplation, I devided that I am going to work through our local Catholic Charities to find that recipient. I may even try to align Know No Boundaries with Catholic Charities due to the similar nature of the missions of both organizations & the God centered love for those in need.


I had the most amazing experience running my last marathon of 2007; Run for the Ranch; in Springfield, MO. Prior to the run (which started at 2:20 PM), runners were just mulling around waiting for the run to start. We were talking about how it was going to be getting dark before all of us finished. An older gentlemen with a big smile, a southern accent & wearing a white marathon hat, a red, white & blue tank top and matching running shorts. We spoke a bit before the run & kidded each other about who would be behind who. AS the race progressed (& it got dark), I yelled words of encouragement to my southern friend.

After the race, I sat down inside for a hot bowl of chili & some water (like I hadn't had enough of it by now). My southern friend sat down next to me & we began chatting about the race, the temperature (It had dropped to near 40 degrees). He said to me that he ran this race for Jesus. The fact that He suffered & died for us, suffering through a…