Monday, January 14, 2008


I had the most amazing experience running my last marathon of 2007; Run for the Ranch; in Springfield, MO. Prior to the run (which started at 2:20 PM), runners were just mulling around waiting for the run to start. We were talking about how it was going to be getting dark before all of us finished. An older gentlemen with a big smile, a southern accent & wearing a white marathon hat, a red, white & blue tank top and matching running shorts. We spoke a bit before the run & kidded each other about who would be behind who. AS the race progressed (& it got dark), I yelled words of encouragement to my southern friend.

After the race, I sat down inside for a hot bowl of chili & some water (like I hadn't had enough of it by now). My southern friend sat down next to me & we began chatting about the race, the temperature (It had dropped to near 40 degrees). He said to me that he ran this race for Jesus. The fact that He suffered & died for us, suffering through a marathon was nothing compared to this & that he offered it up for Christ. I told him that that was a wonderful & self-less thought to offer it up for the Lord. I often think of this very thing during long runs. I actually pray my rosary quite often.

At this point, I shared with him my calling for Know No Boundaries. That I have had the thoughts for many years & after much prayer & contemplation, I realized that God was calling me to do something. To somehow provide ways for people who feel that they have " reached their boundaries", to help them with God's guidance, to break out of these self limiting boundaries. Be it helping them get a wheelchair or a pair of crutches, a prosthetic limb or just listening to them & sharing how God loves them & help them to "break out".

After our brief talk, he asked me to come out to his car before heading home. While we sat there, he told me he was a retired firefighter from Georgia (near Atlanta) & had just completed 13 marathons that year (2007). He then proceeded to had me a crisp $100 bill & said it was for my ministry. I did not know what to say besides "Thank You" & "Are you sure?" Before leaving, I asked for his mailing address & promised to keep him informed on how things progress.

I could not think of anything else the whole way home except that there are angels amongst us.

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