Sunday, February 27, 2011

Plan to Break Boundaries

Okay, I already know that there are times when events just "happen" & they take us by surprise. It is for these reasons, we need to have the mindset of a boundary breaker. We need to know in our heart of hearts, that we WILL persevere, we WILL become, we WILL be all that God has planned for us. This is no easy task as we are often hit by situations n& circumstances that we do not feel we can overcome. This is NOT TRUE. We CAN overcome all obstacles. Look around you my friend & you will see countless people who have overcome tremendous obstacles that they did not allow to be a boundary. Older people who are once again looking for work are starting their own businesses, blind people are climbing mountains, people who have lost loved ones due to a tragedy are starting foundations to bring awareness to countless causes, people who have lost or had been born with a physical challenge are running marathons & achieving their dreams.

WHY you might ask? IF you ask any one of them, they would tell you that there was no other option. Overcoming their situation was a given & a choice long made deep inside their psyche, inside the deepest recesses of their hearts.

Know No Boundaries is no different in our approach to life & to how we are going to approach 2011 in our efforts to bring awareness to this & to raise money. Our main point is not only to talk the talk about breaking boundaries, but to walk the walk. To actually break our own boundaries in life & in response to the "stuff" that happens to all of us.

Our first planned boundary to break was the running of the 2nd Post Oak Challenge. This was put on by the Tulsa Running Club & hosted at the Post Oak Lodge on Saturday & Sunday February26th & 27th.
Between the two days, they had a 10K, 25:, 50K on Saturday & a Quarter, half & full marathon on Sunday. KNB ran the 25K despite a nagging left knee injury. As in every endurance event, I am never short of amazed at what people can accomplish. Along the run, a youg girl was running with a friend. She had been in Vibram Five Fingers (man, I love mine). Just in frond of me, she stubbed her toe on a rock (Ouch!) & stumbled to a stop in front of me. I offered some help but she slowly sad down, slipped of the back of her Vibrams, popped her little toe back into place (another Ouch!), slipped her Vibrams back on & took off again with an aire of "what's the big deal?". How many of us would continue? Change the scenario to something in your work, in your family with your health or in regards to your dreams. Would you re-adjust things & then head off down the road to accomplish or overcome your setback? This is something that YOU need to answer yourself.

Here at Know No Boundaries, we not only encourage people to break through these limiting boundaries. but we try to set examples in our lives, & mentor or council them to do likewise.

The next boundary that we have planned to break, is via the 6 Hour Snake Run. This is a 4 mile flat trail loop on Turkey Mountain. The object is to run as many miles as possible in 6 hours. How will KNB do? We did 20 miles last year so we will be shooting for at least 24-26 miles.

Following this would be the 50 Mile Midnight Madness. Proceeds from this race have been earmarked for Know No Boundaries so we are excited about this race in it's second year.

In perfect response to pushing boundaries, KNB will run in the inaugural Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd (our 2nd hundred miler).
As we get closer to the fall, Know No Boundaries is looking at joining forces with My Long Walk to host a 24 Hour Run some time in the fall. This is still in the idea stage, so stay tuned.
And to end for today, we are in discussions to bring a benefit concert to our community to allow local musicians an opportunity to gain exposure. We will also be looking to bring in a few speakers who have truly broken through boundaries in their lives & to share them with all present. This may be some time in September. It will be an awesome event so look for some definitive blogs.
Remember in life, WE determine what boundaries keep us bound & what boundaries we will break through. Choose the latter.
Thanks & God Bless you.

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