Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bridging the Years

Bridges, what are they? What do they do? Why have them?

They supply a way to get from one point to another when there is no apparent way over to or across some chasm. Often times one needs tocross "troubled waters" in order to reach their desired place.

Bridges are not always pristine & they do not always guarantee safe crossing. Often times there are obstacles & possible pitfalls that can cause us to fall into the abyss.

There are however, other types of "bridges" that we encounter.

PEOPLE can be bridges in that they can help others to overcome obstacles or provide a means for them to achieve something.

Sometimes people can help others to "bridge the gap" between different generations or assist when there is a lack of knowledge in a particular area. The middle sibling can often bridge the gap between a teenage son or daughter & the parents.

Technology can also bridge gaps as in how cell phones & Facebook has bridged the communications gap between countries & cultures.

The mission of Know No Boundaries is to help people to "break out" of their self set limitations." In a way, we are providing a bridge of sorts to help them overcome a self set limitation.

Age is often thought to be an obstacle wherein the "older" folks cannot (or I should say WILL NOT) do this or try that. At Know No Boundaries will walk the talk to prove that the age limitation CAN be bridged.

Late in July, KNB & a few friends decided to celebrate our 52nd birthdays by doing "52" of something. We decided to do 52 crossings of the Pedestrian Bridge which connects the East & West sides of the Arkansas River in Tulsa, OK.

Ken Childress & I crossed the pedestrian bridge 52 times ending up running just over a half marathon. Darryl Stillson decided to go for it as well but he started earlier & headed off while we were still running.
So, what is point of mentioning this run, at 52 years, we decided to bridge the age gap by proving that age IS NOT an obstacle, only a measure of the amount of life experience one has accumulated.

Now, BE THE BRIDGE for someone in your life.

God Bless;

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