Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fall Adventure Planned - Chisholm Trail Ultra

Well friends, I believe that I am going to TRY to commit to run my Chisholm Trail Ultra this coming fall.

I KNOW that I’ve talked about it in the past (even tried to plan it 2 years ago), but available time off of work & family obligations did not allow for it. THIS TIME, I am going to try to pull it off.

I am thinking that sometime this Fall would work however I am still trying to pick the perfect time; when it is not too hot, not too cold, not tornado season & not storm season (I guess it would be never then, eh?)

Anyway, although the Chisholm Trail essentially runs from North Texas to Central Kansas, my plan was to run the Oklahoma portion of the trail. In my case, it basically follows Highway 81 out in Western Oklahoma.

My plan, would be to run what I can each day & plan to end up in some small Oklahoma town & spend the night. Then off again the next morning.

According to my estimates, it is approximately 233 miles. (“Why not run it all at once says Kathy Hoover of Runner’s World Tulsa?”). Well for me, it is all about the experience & my attempt to draw in residents of the local communities through which I will be running.

One other plan, is to get a nice expedition hiking/running trailer to haul all my “stuff”. Equinox Trailers in Oregon is the place! They are the same place that Grant Maughan & Marshall Ulrich got theirs for their Badwater crossings.
Here is Marshall sporting one sort of like what I’m considering.

The ONE THING that I am still wrestling with is the recipient of this fundraising effort. I spend countless hours of deep contemplation in my attempts to find just the right person or cause for whom Know No Boundaries will be running & raising funds for through this ultra.

Any serious suggestions are welcome.

In the meantime, building my mileage & searching my heart.


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