Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rocky Raccoon 100 - Race Report

What BEAUTIFUL weather greeted us the morning of January 31st at Huntsville State Park in Huntsville, TX. It was dark & in the 40’s at the start as many friends from Tulsa (Runner’s World Tulsa) went down. Jason Bement & I had a quick pre-race photo as the his beard will be gone after he crosses the finish line February 1st.

Know No Boundaries was running this for Baby Henry Bell who was born in August 2014 pre-mature &  weighing only ONE lb. 12 oz! This would be our 4th 100 mile finish.

Although rain was predicted, constant prayers during the race & faith met with success as it only sprinkled a bit during the night.

The RR100 course was absolutely beautiful however it could have had a bit less roots!

Plenty of wooden bridges & winding trail throughout the park provided a perfect environment for prayer &  contemplation and to concentrate on WHO we were running the race for - Baby Henry!

It was to be (5) 20 mile loops to get the 100 mile finisher’s buckle however this race, it would allude us.

Due to many of the rolling hills, lower back spasms would take their toll  having us drop at mile 75.

Disappointed - of course. Do I feel that I let people down - yes.

Although in talking to family & friends about this they say that they ARE NOT disappointed or let down, it is my own internal feelings that I some how, did.

I always run with my heart & know that others are suffering more than I am so this helps me press on. I am SO INSPIRED by others who help us to do what we do at Know No Boundaries.

Well, no time to wallow in any sorrows or disappointments, there are more people who need God’s help & we plan on running more races to help.

Please continue to follow us on Facebook  & go to our website to see “Wuzzup” with us.

God Bless;
Ken (aka K2)

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