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I'm Back (Sorry for the Hiatus)

Well, life has a way of putting obstacles & challenges in our path; often times resulting in our having to take a detour. Although I have not posted lately, I have continued to push my boundaries in many ways (spiritually, mentally & physically).

I have begun to pray (3) rosaries a day. Our lives, our families, our communities & our world severely need prayers so despite the fact that I am busy, I am adding more to my plate in the spiritual sense.
Mentally I have added in one more book to read. I am now reading (3) books at once (Return from Tomorrow - George G. Ritchie, Awakening the Giant Within - Tony Robbins & now One Tough Marine - First Sergeant Donald Hamblen USMC & Major B.H. Norton USMC - retired). Regarding our mental boundaries, I do not believe that man has found them nor defined them. It is the basis for the mission statement for Know No Boundaries that "we determine our own boundaries or limitations". We decide how we will react to any given s…

Truly Knowing No Boundaries

It is right there before our eyes, every place, every where & within every person. We all have that Grace of God within us allowing us to break through the countless "boundaries" that life sets before us. The wall that blocks you from achieving your goal or dream is only there to keep people out who do now want to achieve their dreams or desires bad enough. For those of us with a true God-driven passion, there are literally NO BOUNDARIES.

Many times our journey to overcome these so called boundaries in & of itself is a spiritual journey bringing us deep within ourselves to the true dwelling place of God Almighty. It is within the human soul that God finds His true home.

The Marathon Monks of Mt. Hiei are without a doubt, the worlds most incredible athletes.

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Running, the olfactory & Perfume

There is nothing like the an early morning run. On the trail, it is the smell of the morning dew, wet grass, jasmine or honeysuckle. In the city, it could be fresh brewed coffee, waffles or bacon wafting through an open window. As the day moves on, the smells of lunch or dinner move in or the smell of pinion wood in the Chimera.

Running with friends always makes it more enjoyable as the talk of eating is the subject of many of our conversations. This is where we can :stretch" the boundaries a bit. Seeing as we are running & burning calories, it is acceptable to talk about food. Too often we only get to have a few packets of GU although this morning, we were treated to pretzels, Cliff Blocks & other sundry treats @ Katheryn's house.
Thanks Kathryn.
I will have to say that the one odor that constantly finds the olfactory is perfume! I mean come on ladies, what's the point? Are you trying to meet your soul mate or impress that handsome dude in your running group? I mean…