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Looking into the future

Well, I have officially registered for Mother Road 100 - Part 3. Know No Boundaries needs redemption in the 100 mile distance. Training will be ramping up immediately with increasing distances from here on out. I will also get in some more heat training as I will be back in the desert of Oman later in the spring & possibly early summer.

To start with, I am running in the 50 Mile Midnight Madness sponsored by the TATUR group here in Tulsa.
Well, pray that the training goes well. I am also going to ramp up our fundraising efforts so look for some great events in the near future. God Bless You K2

Heat! What heat?

Once again, KNB finds themselves against a so called boundary; one of heat. When temperatures begin to rise, at what point does one decide that it is "too hot" to run?

Every year, many of the worlds ultra athletes gather in one of the most desolate places on earth; Death Valley; to run the Badwater Ultra marathon. Here it is not uncommon for temperatures during the day to reach 120 F.
The Key - HYDRATION and proper protection. As the temperatures begin to rise, we begin to "sweat like a pig", so we need to ensure that proper precautions are taken.
I am not sure that pigs actually sweat, but you get the idea.

KNB was in Oman where the summer has not quite started yet however the temperatures were still in the 90s. Sunglasses & proper headgear were essential.

Here yours truly was getting in a few "hot" miles while listening to some motivating tunes. Somehow I think the flames on my bandana are appropriate, eh?We need to be hydrating on a regular basis &…