Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010 is Coming Fast

Well, 2010 will be here before we know it. What boundaries have you broken through this past year? Have you accomplished any worth while goal that you set out to achieve back in 2008 when you laid out your 2009 resolutions?

Hopefully it was a good year & you have achieved some progress on what you set out to achieve. Often times our New Year's Resolutions are just done to appease our minds but in our heart of hearts, we know that we will not reach them. This is where you faltered. The negative self-talk will do you in every time.

Resolve to set achievable goals in 2010 & to not be distracted. Take steps every day to do at least one thing to bring you closer to your goal. A worthy goal is achieved one step at a time.

Maybe your goal is to run your first marathon. Runner's World has the perfect training program for novices & seasoned runners alike. If you love trail runners, the Tulsa Area Trail Ultra Runners (TATUR) are a great bunch of crazy run-loving people.

Just set some worthy goal & let no boundaries hold you back. Listen to Nick to gain some inspiration & to "Know No Boundaries"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still Pushing

Sorry for the long hiatus again. I had been in the Egyptian desert for 30 days & was out of touch with my blogging. Talk about "pushing boundaries", being in the desert for that long without friends & family (not to mention a good opportunity to run this time around) was pushing my mental boundaries.

Well I have to say that I am back home & things wil lbe clicking along soon enough. Back running again was on thing that was missed. I particularly missed K1; my ultimate running buddy. Although I will have to say that with the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays upon us, I have not spent much with my running friends as I would like.

2010 will be the time for Know No Boundaries to really shine as I will be pouring more of myself into it & kick off the year with some good fundraising events, possible speakers or som other major event. So far I feel that I have been skirting along the boundary edge & have not really pushed over to have a true monumental breakthrough. 2010 will see that push.

As I am not already busy enough, I joined up with the Gentlemen's Association; an organization to strengthen & even bring back the true aspect of being a gentlemen. This is in etiquette, manners, dress as well as business & personal interactions. I am going to be bringing in a chapter here to Oklahoma. In today's society, manners, etiquette & being a gentleman NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT BACK.
We will see what else 2010 brings. Defintely it will bring more opportunities to break through previously set boundaries.

I want to wish each of you a very blessed Christmas holiday & may God bless you & your families.


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