Monday, December 26, 2011


Well now. We have just about arrived at the point every year where everyone begins to look back on the year's events & reflect on what direction that they want to go in the coming year. Have we achieved any of the goals that we set for ourselves or have we once again allowed circumstances to dictate what we do or do not achieve?

If you are like me, it is probably a bit of both. I have achieved some of my goals while others where pushed aside by "life"; things circumstances that seemly are out of our control.

Maybe the problem is not life's circumstances. All of this STUFF that seems to side track us happens to all of us yet there are still those who seem to achieve all that the set out to accomplish.

Is this because they are better then us? I say NO. Is this because they have set goals that are easy to achieve? Here I also say NO. Is it because they are not as busy as we are? Once again, I say NO.

I believe that the reasons are multifaceted. One reason may be the fact that we do not give much thought to WHAT it is that we actually want to achieve  & have not quantified it in terms of something that can be measured. Wanting to loose weight is very, easy as we can all looks a pound without much effort however if this had been our goal, we likely had more than this in mind. Wanting to loose 15 pounds by a fixed date gives you a target to shoot for & to hit. It is quantifiable & measurable.

We also MUST be passionate about what we want. As humans, we buy, do, consume & like everything based upon emotion. This applies to everything from chocolate to selecting a surgeon. We must "like" that person or thing (emotion again). We analyze how they/it makes us "feel".

With enough passion, we can do practically anything. Just look around or read, passion has been the driving force behind most of what amazes us daily; the blind climber who summits Mount Everest, the bi-amputee who completes a marathon, they laid off worker who in their late 60's starts their own company, . . . . .

I say that with the start of 2012, YOU find some quiet time, reflect what it is that you are passionate about, write it down in quantifiable & measurable terms and at the stroke of midnight - - GO FOR IT and DO NOT LOOK BACK.

Do not think of failure as failure is not trying & trying again, but in not trying at all.

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