Monday, October 12, 2009

The Heart of the Matter (Heartland 100 - 2009)

The 2009 Heartland 1oo started off as usual, standing in front of the Prairie Chicken capital sign & then having some good ole' pre-race carbs.

My good friend Ken Childress digs in.

After some good grub, we sat & visited with friends all getting ready to run in the morning.

Here coach Kathy, Jason, Roman, Lisa & Randy all have a bit of a chat.

After heading back to Lisa's dad's house for an awesome sleep over, we all rose to Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast (Breakfast of champions as they say, eh?)

We all dressed & headed off into the darkness @ 4:40 AM only to gather at the race start & try to stay warm.

A few last minute party pics of some of the group just before the start.

The race was off into the darkness. Spirits were high & the weather looked to be heading for a beautiful day. As a matter of fact, the Kansas sunrise over the prairie is a beautiful sight to see.

As the sun rose, temperatures warmed up a bit & we soon headed into the first manned aid station. Kathy & Jason took full advantage to fuel up.

Heading back out, the wind began to really pick up. It seemed that whatever direction we turned, the wind buffeted our face. The sun soon was covered by gray clouds. This made for what seemed to be a nice day turn into a really cold & long run.

The trail was beautiful with rolling hills. (Actually, there were so many rolling hills, I felt as though we were on a roller coaster).

As we ran, the wind grew fierce; so much so that my nose was numb. Good thing for the gloves, & hat.

Ken & & pressed onward & upwards & kept a pretty steady pace (so it seemed). The weather however, was taking a tole on our pace.

By the time we reached the 50 mile turn around, I could have sworn that I saw snow flurries (or maybe it was my breath condensing in front of my headlamp.
None the less, at the Texaco Hill aid station, we had missed the cut off time so were pulled. Seeing as we had given our all on the trail, we had nothing to be upset about. I made it 69 miles which was about 20 miles futher than before. I therefore broke through my old boundary & am now set tp break through it once more.
We may have lost the battle, but we will win the war!
Now as always, Know No Boundaries.
God Bless you & happy trails;

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