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As a living, breathing, imagining, creative human being, we ALL have problems. Our problems can me as minor as where we want to eat for dinner to how am I going to complete this project on time & under budget to how am I going to feed my family having just lost my job.
It is NOT the intention of this post to trivialize anyone's problems only to tell you that Problems are nothing more than a boundary that we perceive as restraining us or keeping us from attaining whatever it is that we seek to achieve. The key word here is PERCEIVE as it is our own perception that keeps us from moving on, through & beyond whatever problem we have ad hand.
We have all heard the old story of writing ones problems in the sand. The concept basically is that in writing our problems in the sand, they are washed away at the first incoming tide. It is a metaphor to how real life problems are when we write them down & have a chance to look at them from a different perspective. Often times a new or…