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In The Dark

Well friends, I had my FIRST night run. What a rush! Several of us met along one portion of the Creek Turnpike Trail @ about 10:45 PM & got in a good 14 miles. It was very surreal for me at first. Headlamps bobbing up & down, darkness on either side with "things" lurking just outside the lit path. It sort of gets the ole' adrenaline going. One good thing about running in the dark is that since you only see what is in the scope of your headlamp, you cannot see any of the hills looming ahead & do not end up anticipating anything.

The run was great & the cooler night brought out intense scents of honeysuckle. It was almost overwhelming at times. None-the-less, the run was great. Seeing as the Mother Road will have plenty of time "in the dark", it was good to get one in. Now if I can only get in a few more.

There is a 60 miler planned for sometime in August which will be an ideal opportunity to really get the feel of running through the night.