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The Heat was On!

June 6th & 7th brought scorching temperatures for the inaugural Urban Adventure 100 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Runner’s World Tulsaheld the multi distance race the first weekend of June. Runner’s had the option to run 25 miles (one loop), 50 miles (2 loops), 75 miles (3 loops) or a full 100 miles (4 loops) of a course that wound through many parts of Tulsa. 
The morning started with all of the runner’s excited, with many running their first ultra. As it had been fairly cool the weeks preceding the race, all of us were unsure how we were going to deal with the heat. It was predicted to get close to 100 °F during the day! Aid stations were set to be at various Quik Trips along the course with Runner’s World the main aid station for the start & finish of each loop & the race as a whole.
Theenergy was high during the first loop of the course. All of us were fairly close together however the group spread out fairly quickly.

Without fail, temperatures rose fast & the sun was relentless…