Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Heat was On!

June 6th & 7th brought scorching temperatures for the inaugural Urban Adventure 100 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Runner’s World Tulsa held the multi distance race the first weekend of June. Runner’s had the option to run 25 miles (one loop), 50 miles (2 loops), 75 miles (3 loops) or a full 100 miles (4 loops) of a course that wound through many parts of Tulsa. 

The morning started with all of the runner’s excited, with many running their first ultra. As it had been fairly cool the weeks preceding the race, all of us were unsure how we were going to deal with the heat. It was predicted to get close to 100 °F during the day! Aid stations were set to be at various Quik Trips along the course with RunnerWorld the main aid station for the start & finish of each loop & the race as a whole.

The energy was high during the first loop of the course. All of us were fairly close together however the group spread out fairly quickly.

Without fail, temperatures rose fast & the sun was relentless. It took it’s tole on many runners as many of us dropped down to a shorter distance.

Know No Boundaries was no different. Despite our preparedness & drive to finish the 100 miles that we committed to, the roasting temperatures were enough to make us drop after 34 miles.

Needless to say, the high temperatures did not deter all of the runners to drop or changes distances.
Approximately 11 of the 31 runners who signed up for the 100 mile distance fought the elements to complete the full distance. THEY were the ones who were able to claim the coveted 100 mile belt buckle.

Well, although the buckle eluded us this time, we are committed to get the proverbial “monkey” off our our back in anther 100 miler later this year.

God is good & He will bring us through in another race.

Know No Boundaries is also going to attempt to run the Polar Bear Marathon this November in Churchill, Manitoba Canada this year as we had to pull out at the last moment last year. The funds raised will  help the community of Churchill, a remote community in the far North of Manitoba, Canada.

Stay tuned.

God Bless.

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