Saturday, March 24, 2012

14 Year Old Dillon Hicks PRs in his FIRST 5K

14 Year Old Dillon Hicks is our March 2012 Boundary Breaker. Despite Dillon's numerous disabilities, he is a young man FULL of energy. He loves the outdoors & especially loves going for a "run"with either his Hannah or Stacy; his parents. When out with them, he feels as if his limitations have been lifted & is without boundaries.
The first photo is Dillon with his dad; Stacy; in an OLD chair.
The other one are his new "wheels".

Know No Boundaries was able to work with Adaptive Star to get Dillon a new chair, one in which he could not only be comfortable in for some time, but to be out with is family to participate in the numerous runs in which they do.
March 17th was the 30th Saint Patrick's Day 5K held in front of Runner's World Tulsa and Dillon Hicks showed off his new found freedom.
If you were not there, you missed out on quite an event.
Know No Boundaries was be there in full force to be with the Hicks family in support of this big step for Dillon & to see him PR in his first 5K.

(For me as expected, I needed plenty of Kleenex).

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two Down & ??? To Go (Post Oak Challenge Summary)

The first (2) major broken boundaries for 2012 are now in the history books. The 2012 Post Oak Challenge is done - 50K on February 25th & a marathon on February 26th. The weather could not have been better for running & most of the races were full.

(The only real problem was that the poor road took out the radiator of my car - - but that is a different story.)

Before our early start, a few of the Marathon Maniacs posed for a pre-race party pic; yours truly (in green tights) John, Wilma, Lyle & company all in smiles.

After a very short jaunt on the road, we turned off onto some beautiful trails. What started off in a rough pack, soon strung out into more of a single file as we wove (or is it weaved?) through sticks & stones, twigs, branches, roots & rocks. We soon were out into the open country.

The aid stations were AWESOME as were all of the volunteers. They really make it possible for many of us to make it through these events.
Ken Childress & company really got "into the spirit" with the first aid station on the course. (Hmm, got me thinking that I had hair like that at one point. DON'T ASK!)
Coming up to the aid station, Edward & Stormy gave us a warm welcome. One BIG thing was the smell of fresh cooking bacon (courtesy of Susan Westmoreland on the griddle). Too bad I was in & out before & remembered to grab some.  - -  In & then out & back on the trail.

More roots, rocks & branches
After a while, we were back out in the open making our way "over the river & through the woods"; only thing is that Grandmother's house was no where to be seen. Hopefully the Big Bad Wolf is on vacation.

Eventually we began our way up to Homes Peak - the highest point in Osage County.
(Yup, it is WAY UP THERE!) Feels harder than it looks. This year, instead of heading right up, we circled around the back side & came UP from the other side.
What a BEAUTIFUL view of downtown Tulsa. No time to dawdle, so down the hill we went. (No worries, we made this loop twice for the 50K & once more during the marathon.)

After pounding my quads on the downhill being sure not to run too fast & plant my face into the ground, we came out again on level ground.

After a battle up the "Hilll From Hell", we headed back down again to head around the pond in front of the lodge, to the turn-around & then go do it all again.

The start of the marathon was like deja vu from yesterday but a bit more wind & a bit cooler in the morning. Still, perfect for running.

We were off onto the trails soon enough & my memories of yesterday were a benefit to know what to expect & how to pace myself.
Definitely enough time to take in the beautiful morning on the water. Along the side & then back down onto the trails - getting into my groove.
                                                                 (speaking of "groove")

After a repeat of yesterdays trails & yesterdays quad pounding hills, we came out near the entrance to Post Oak Lodge. Coming out, we were met with the same GREAT aid station volunteers from earlier but this time were fixing breakfast burritos & pancakes.

YUM! This time, I did partake & they were great.
Ken must have gone out to get a haircut since this morning as he hands John a beverage. Stormy on the other hand, kept this 60's spirit as seen in the background.

From here, it was a short mile & a half out & back on the road  & then back on trails (hence the term "TROAD")

After this, we turned around only to repeat it (well almost all of it). On the final loop, we stayed on the main drive up to the main lodge (did I mention UP?) Sorry no pics - I was tired by this point & did not pull out the camera.

When it was all said & done, Know No Boundaries once again, broke boundaries. Get with us & we can work with you on achieving the same. It was a GREAT two days of trail running on GREAT trails run by two GREAT race directors. Johnny & Darryl did a GREAT job.

(Oh, in case you are wondering, I had my car towed to my mechanic & I need a new radiator! BUMMER! But it was two great days of running with friends.)

God Bless;

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