Saturday, March 24, 2012

14 Year Old Dillon Hicks PRs in his FIRST 5K

14 Year Old Dillon Hicks is our March 2012 Boundary Breaker. Despite Dillon's numerous disabilities, he is a young man FULL of energy. He loves the outdoors & especially loves going for a "run"with either his Hannah or Stacy; his parents. When out with them, he feels as if his limitations have been lifted & is without boundaries.
The first photo is Dillon with his dad; Stacy; in an OLD chair.
The other one are his new "wheels".

Know No Boundaries was able to work with Adaptive Star to get Dillon a new chair, one in which he could not only be comfortable in for some time, but to be out with is family to participate in the numerous runs in which they do.
March 17th was the 30th Saint Patrick's Day 5K held in front of Runner's World Tulsa and Dillon Hicks showed off his new found freedom.
If you were not there, you missed out on quite an event.
Know No Boundaries was be there in full force to be with the Hicks family in support of this big step for Dillon & to see him PR in his first 5K.

(For me as expected, I needed plenty of Kleenex).

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