Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beyond US Boundaries - Tales from Gabon

Hello again. I hope that so far, 2011 has allowed you opportunities to push youselves to & beyond your boundaries. As you have heard countless times here in this blog, WE determine our boundaries. We determine to what extent we are willing to push ourselves to not only reach, but break through our self set boundaries.

Often times though, we only consider physical or financial boundaries. How far can we push ourselves physically or how can we overcome financial limitations. What we miss though, is that there are many things that we experience every day that we take for granted & that are boundaries for those outside of the USA. Countless people in countries around the globe face boundaries that for you & I are commonplace.

Such is the situation in Gabon (West Africa).

I have had a seveal opportunities to see some of Port Gentil (the eastern most part of Gabon) during my Saturday morning runs. Starting off from the company apaartment, one would not think much.

It is shortly after head out, that one realizes that "we are not in Kansas anymore Toto."

Iguanas (I think they are iguanas) are everywhere as this sentinel watches as I run by.

A short jaunt down the street & then a left turn towards the Port Gentil International Airport.

Veer left just before the airport & then I am on the road towards the beach (so I am told).Add Image It must be right as seen by this roadside boat but it does not look like it has seen water in quite a while.

Everyone seems to be very friendly as the common "Bon jour" was exchanged each time I passed anyone. Children seemed to be intrigued a I ran by. I am not sure why; was it because I was running, or because where I seemed out of place? People just seemed to look up & then go back about their business.

Just looking around at "normal" life here, makes one appreciate what we have in other places. In order for the Gabonese people to have what we accept as normal, they would truly be pushing the outer boundaries of what is often set by political & ecconomic boundaries. Unfortunately what has happened, is that they have just accepted their "reality" & no longer push to strive & be more. Through generations, they have accepted this. Such is a real loss for humanity as every person has a tremendous amount to offer if only they believe.

Business at this local supply store is anything but busy.
Running by the local supply store, I came across someone's home. Think twice next time if you think you have it rough.

After getting to the turnaround (about 3 miles out), I came across what I thought must be the burial grounds for all of the old cars. In actuality, I found that after an accident (likely a fatality), the cars are just pushed to the side of the road & left.
Now that you have a better picture of a place beyond your boundaries, you can see that some boundaries take an immense inner strength & determination to break through. Boundaries that are set through years of poverty & opression.

If you don't mind now, I will catch my alarm clock & figure out how to set it.

God Bless you;

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Steve said...

Welcome to Gabon! My wife and I work in Libreville supporting local church initiatives and starting a medical aviation transport for a jungle hospital ( We also run a guest house in the city. Next time you all come through, stop on in! Enjoy your stay in Port Gentil. If you're back here in May, you can join us for a 5K fund raiser the local churches are doing to raise money for the poor of Burkina Faso.

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