Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bragi - A TRUE Wireless Headset Takes it "to the Next Level" During the Ultra Cowboy Ultra 50km

Here's a GREAT article by Bragi - an innovative company who is taking wireless headphones to a totally "new level"

Know No Boundaries

Do not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Learn how Ken Saveth and his organization support people in becoming better.
16. June 2017    

We all know how hard life can be sometimes. No matter where you look you see boundaries. In such a situation, a friendly gesture or just somebody believing in you is more valuable than anything.
We here at Bragi started our journey trying to free people from boundaries as well. It is not only removing wires from your headphone but a deep belief in helping human beings and enabling them to do better. This was the initial thought and is still inspiring us to do better every day and to offer our customers a product which improves their daily life and encourages them to reach out and break their boundaries.

A story which moved and inspired us all here at Bragi was the story of Ken Saveth!

Ken Saveth, founder and managing director of “Know No Boundaries”, decided to become such a “catalyst” as he calls it. His mission is to help people free themselves from their boundaries and to give them a little push to get their lives back on track- either emotionally or financially.

In order to do so, he founded the charity organization “Know No Boundaries”.  At “Know No Boundaries” they do “not only talk the talk, but they walk the walk” as Ken says. They do not only encourage others to break their boundaries but also challenge their own ones by participating in ultra endurance events. Ken, as a dedicated husband and father is not an athlete, he is just a regular man trying to break his own boundaries by participating in ultra marathon runs. His aim is to set an example by showing that if he can do this, everybody can do so.

Recently “Know no Boundaries” raised $10k dollars in the Ultra Cowboy Ultra 50km ultra marathon supporting one of the local ultra runners; Kelvin Reid; who was diagnosed with ALS last year. No matter his restriction Kelvin fought his way back to the track and managed to break out of his boundaries and participate in the Ultra race.

It is not only about the financial support but by the amount of people believing and caring for his fortune

Inspired by this stroke of faith many donors were touched and “Know No Boundaries” was able to raise this incredible amount of money to support Kelvin with his medical expenses and made it possible for him to start his second stem cell treatment.

It is not only about the financial support but by the amount of people believing and caring for his fortune, Kelvin was enabled to break out of his boundaries and successfully participate in an ultra race not many people would be able to keep up.

“Bragi is taking it to the next level.”

Despite all the organizational efforts combined with this event, Ken managed to participate the run, too. To make his run more enjoyable we sent Ken The Dash so he could try it out.

Here at Bragi, we were looking forward to his feedback. We are that he enjoyed running with The Dash a lot. What Ken loved most about it is “to get physical feedback right during the run”. Even more honored we felt about his comment “Bragi is taking it to the next level”.

This story inspires us and we hope that it inspires our followers to think outside their box and enjoy life to the fullest and not let themselves be stopped by any boundaries in life.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hear Ken Saveth of Know No Boundaries’ Interview with Coach Jeff

Coach Jeff’s The Running Podcast interviewed Ken Saveth, the Founder & Managing Director of Know No Boundaries to talk about the upcoming Ultra Cowboy Ultra 50km that is benefiting 

Here is the link to that interview for your listening pleasure.

I recommend to subscribe to Coach Jeff’s podcast feed as there are plenty of good talks.

Run on my friends & God Bless!


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Know No Boundaries is proud to recognize BRAGI, a company who 
epitomizes the idea of “pushing boundaries” through their unique
innovative totally wireless SMART headphones - the BRAGI Dash. 

The Dash isn’t just for music. It’s a discrete personal assistant right in your ear.
The experts said they couldn’t fit all that technology into an earphone.
                                                                       They were wrong!

A powerful microcomputer with more than 150 micro components, 27 sensors and a 32-bit processor about the size of your fingertip.
                                                                      True Personalization!
With its Gesture interactions, The Dash learns your body - Nod to accept a phone call, shake your head to decline it. 

                          Waterproof - Heart Rate - Calories - Duration - Step Count -Pool Length
                                                                Distance - Breathes - Cadence

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ultra Cowboy Ultra - - - Coming Soon!

For those of you who do not know, a local Oklahoma ultra runner; Kelvin Reid; was recently diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Kelvin is an awesome ultra runner &l ast year, had completed (5) 100 mile endurance runs. 

Know No Boundaries is in the process of planning a ultra (likely a 50k) in Dewey, Oklahoma (near Bartlesville, OK) at a local attraction - Prairie Song.

Between the fabulous, hand built western town on close to 980 acres, and the neighboring property of close to 1500 acres, the rolling plains and sprawling vistas will make for a nice day’s run.

The plan is to have the event dependent solely on donations rather than charge for the event knowing that those who will run the event, will give from their hearts. The course should consist of approximately (3) 10+ mile loops and (3) aid stations.

We are also looking to have a totally GREEN event in that there will be no cups at the aid stations thereby eliminating the need to pick them up afterwards & to ensure that we can keep the property pristine.

If you just happened to be running with your “sweetheart” and get the inkling to “get hitched”, the Wildwood Chapel is right there on site.

For now, we are still in the planning stages, but stay tuned (here & on Facebook).


Monday, January 16, 2017

Run With Your Heart

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our own lives, in our own day to day living, that we forget the burdens others are forced to endure.

Before I die, I vow to think of others and to reach out in hope and compassion.

WHY? Because it matters!
A friend & fellow ultra runner; Kelvin T Reid; who was recently & suddenly stricken with ALS & I want to do what I can to help him fight & beat this terrible disease.

First off, there is a virtual race as a fund raiser going on now through US Road Running for Kelvin. Kelvin has always taken time to reach out to others and never was too busy to encourage me, a offer words of encouragement & to convince me to keep going. He says that we can do anything we put our minds to.
Kelvin is an accomplished Ultra Runner who has been suddenly stricken with ALS. Virtual runs allow you to run any distance, and time, any way...buy your entry fee ($17.99) and get this wonderful honary medal of support for Kelvin. 

PLEASE, even if you don't run...walk it. It matters...and we need to do things that matter. 
code 36O4ND.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

2016 Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd is in the Books

The running of the 2016 Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd is now in the history books. What a a stellar event. It is a weekend long party with your Ultra Running family. Ken Childress (aka TrailZombie).

Choices for distances were 135 miles, 100 miles, 50k, 25k & a 10 miler (I think). In the past, the weather is generally typical, cool October weather however THIS WEEKEND, Mother Nature brought in unseasonably warm weather! It might have been close to 90 at one point. Like all ultras, the sought after prize, is a beautiful belt buckle!

In addition to the challenges already there from the race distances, dehydration & over heating brought on additional needs on which all off the runners needed to be aware of.

Indeed, the race was not without casualties. Several of the runners dropped due to dehydration & heat exhaustion. Some even worried TZ & his wife; Dana; who HAPPENS to be a nurse.

As the OLD Combs bridge has been demolished, the race course needed to be changed a bit. Starting off at the same place (Eagle Bluff), the course headed out onto Hwy 10, but shortly turned back in to cross the new bridge & eventually meet up with the original course. The 135 runners did a slightly different out & back making their way up & through JT Nickel Family Nature & Wildlife Preserve (only once) & then back, followed by 4 loops. The 100 & 50 mile runners, did not do the old Out & Back, but made their loops inclusive of a portion of the Preserve route.

Back at the Start/Finish, runners went back out & followed the original route. First stop - Mad Dog, ran by none other than Kevin Remaster, his wife Ashley, their children & of course, the infamous Pumpkin, the Wonder Dog!

Where the old Out n’ Back aid station was, Them Idiots took over & made a great run at Mad Dog for one of the best aid stations (although Mad Dog still has the lead for now).

From here, runners make their way to Savanah Corner where John Nobles & his gang provided stellar service to all of the runners. Then it was off to East of Eden. At this point, runners had an option of doing the Great Gourd Challenge (practically a climb STRAIGHT UP) for approximately 1/4 mile. Susan Westmoreland was waiting at the top to great runners with a smile & a sweet Sweaty Band from Mile Junkie. Before making their way to their next rest haven, runners (except those running the 135 miler) made a bit of an Out & Back loop into the JT Kickel Preserve from the other side, before continuing along the usual route.

All along the course, it seemed to be one big party as you can see here by Chrissy Whitten’s, Christine Fischer’s & Friends’ expressions.

After Hard Up Ahead, runners had a bit of reprieve from the gravel roads & had about 3 miles of pavement (whew!) before making their way to Bathtub Rocks. Here, Ed Snow & Company served up great grub & plenty of liquids to stay hydrated. (Well at least SOME hydrated enough!)

Despite being busy running the race, TZ had a few minutes to get some work done in his “office”.

By the time runners got to Last Gasp, there was about 3.1 miles before reaching the Start/Finish. It is here though, that the FIRST PHH Bandit Aid Station was - - Meego’s Cantina; complete with blender & almost a full bar! Can you say Watermelon Margherita?

One GREAT MOMENT was Russell Bennet winning the Men’s 100 mile race! This was Russell’s 3rd consecutive 100 miler in the same number of weekends.

And if this wasn’t enough excitement, Kathy Hoover (of Runner’s World Tulsa)& Arnold Begay completed (4) consecutive 100 milers in the same number of weekends.

All three of them inspire me (& plenty of others) beyond measure!

And lest I forget, I want to thank Sprouts Farmers Market (in Owasso, OK) & Natural Grocers (in Tulsa) for donating several cases of delicious fruit for the runners. Please be sure to shop there as they support us & what we do.

Until next time - - - 

God Bless;

2016 QT Urban Adventure - Race Report

Well friends, the 2016 QT Urban Adventure 25-50-75-100 Mile race is in the history books. Although it was not near as hot as it was for the inaugural race last year, it was still plenty toasty for during the day (in the 90’s!). 

The race course was a 25 mile loop that took the runners through much of Tulsa using local Quik Trips as the “aid stations. Each runner received a QT card pre-loaded with money to spend for their race “aid” during the race. Starting at Runner’s World Tulsa, runners made their way down to 15th & Denver for their first Quik Trip stop. They then made their way north on Denver, past the BOK Center, around One Oak Stadium & the OSU Tulsa campus. From there, runners found their way to Elgin & went south, east on 6th & then north on Peoria. Going east on 11th, took them to their 2nd Quik Trip stop at 11th & Utica. Arnold Begay took a bit of time to refuel.

From there, the course continued East on 11th Street until Harvard when runners headed south. A left on 15th followed by a right on Yale & another right on 21st took runners around the Tulsa Fairgrounds & by the famous Golden Driller.

Looks like Ken TZ Childress was really enjoying himself as he runs along Yale heading South before turning West on 21st Street & then down to Harvard to their next QT stop. The race then turned South on Harvard to 41st Street, then East on 41st to Yale. Runners then turned right & went South done Yale. At approximately 47th & Yale, their next “watering hole” was there before they took 51st Street along LaFortune Park. Their next aid station was the QT at 61st & Sheridan. Once fed & hydrated, runners went South on Sheridan to 61st, West on 61st to Yale & then back to 51st Street.

From here, all of the aid stations are done as they made their way down 51st Street to Lewis, crossing over the highway & then taking the service road West. Just before Peoria, runners meandered a bit through the neighborhood before popping back out on Peoria & then to Runner’s World.

After a bit of food & hydration (& just maybe a bit of rest for their tootsies, runners did it again (& again & again & possibly again).

Here JBob is heading back out for another loop. He ran plenty of it with the infamous Kathy Hover (of Runner’s World Tulsa) but here Mike Rives jumped in with them both for a bit of pacing. 

When it was all said & done, Matthew Riley walked away with the 100 mile win.

Oh and lest I forget, Deanna Jensen made plenty of Out of This World cupcakes so if you know her, I suggest that you place your orders! You WILL NOT be sorry!

With all of this said, it was a great race.

Until next time - - - - 

God Bless;