Monday, June 20, 2016


I was reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church the other morning & ran across a passage that just GRABBED ME! Although it had to do with the comparison of transforming fire & the Holy Spirit, it has further implications than the spiritual realm into that which often drives each of us in our daily lives in a plethora of areas.

Here is a slightly shortened version of the passage - 

Fire transforms into itself, everything that it touches.

Think about this.

As fire burns, whatever it is burning, is transformed INTO the fire itself. They become one!

Is it not the same with the fire of passion?

When one is consumed with the boring fire within our soul, are we not transformed into that which we are passionate about?

We cannot seem to focus on anything else but that which we are passionately consumed with.

This “fire burning within us”, drive us, fuels us & keeps us single-mindedly striving for that which we are passionate about.

In your lives, what is it that is your all consuming fire? What is it that burns within your very soul towards which you cannot veer from until accomplished?

When this all consuming fire within you is field by your love for God & directed towards serving others, there is no stoping it until all is consumed by this inner fire & it has achieved its ultimate purpose.

Blessings to all;

Thursday, June 9, 2016

What’s on the horizon?

Good evening friends.

Although things seemed to have been quiet here, many things have been going on in the background. Events for this Fall have been in the works.

Our FIRST EVENT, will be the Tulsa QT Urban Adventure 100 put on by Runner’s World Tulsa. We are excited this year as it will be in September rather than in June as it was in 2015 (remember last year? Tulsa was the 2nd HOTTEST CITY IN THE USA that weekend!). This year should be much better weather. Besides, it is the same weekend as the Tulsa State Fair so we will run around the fairgrounds a few times over the course of the race (maybe even check in to the fair for some nice state fair fare? - - NOT!)

Next in line, will be Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd in October. We have done this race almost every year & LOVE IT! Beautiful course, great volunteers & always a great time. Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd is in October (hopefully we’ll be recovered from the QT Tulsa Urban Adventure).

Finally, we’re doing our best to pull off the Chisholm Trail Ultra some time in November. This event will follow the Oklahoma portion of the Chisholm Trail from the Texas-Oklahoma border to the Oklahoma-Kansas border; a distance oc approximately 233 miles. It will be a staged event in that we will run some every day, for several days, stopping overnight in the small towns along the route (along Highway 81). Hopefully, we will be able to hook up with the local Chambers of Commerce to be able to talk to some of the local communities on what we are about & what we are doing. (The WHY would be impossible to get across as the common folk will never understand the reasons for ultra running.)

And finally, we are in the process of setting up meetings/discussions with Subiaco Academy in Subiaco, Arkansas regarding our partnering with them to possibly provide a few scholarships for boys who’s families (or circumstances) will not allow them to attend school there. Discussions are still in the early stages, so stay tuned.

In the mean time, remember that there is no mountain top view, without a climb.

God Bless;

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fall Adventure Planned - Chisholm Trail Ultra

Well friends, I believe that I am going to TRY to commit to run my Chisholm Trail Ultra this coming fall.

I KNOW that I’ve talked about it in the past (even tried to plan it 2 years ago), but available time off of work & family obligations did not allow for it. THIS TIME, I am going to try to pull it off.

I am thinking that sometime this Fall would work however I am still trying to pick the perfect time; when it is not too hot, not too cold, not tornado season & not storm season (I guess it would be never then, eh?)

Anyway, although the Chisholm Trail essentially runs from North Texas to Central Kansas, my plan was to run the Oklahoma portion of the trail. In my case, it basically follows Highway 81 out in Western Oklahoma.

My plan, would be to run what I can each day & plan to end up in some small Oklahoma town & spend the night. Then off again the next morning.

According to my estimates, it is approximately 233 miles. (“Why not run it all at once says Kathy Hoover of Runner’s World Tulsa?”). Well for me, it is all about the experience & my attempt to draw in residents of the local communities through which I will be running.

One other plan, is to get a nice expedition hiking/running trailer to haul all my “stuff”. Equinox Trailers in Oregon is the place! They are the same place that Grant Maughan & Marshall Ulrich got theirs for their Badwater crossings.
Here is Marshall sporting one sort of like what I’m considering.

The ONE THING that I am still wrestling with is the recipient of this fundraising effort. I spend countless hours of deep contemplation in my attempts to find just the right person or cause for whom Know No Boundaries will be running & raising funds for through this ultra.

Any serious suggestions are welcome.

In the meantime, building my mileage & searching my heart.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

2015 Polar Bear (Half) Marathon In the Books

Well my friends, Know No Boundaries made it to Churchill, Manitoba for the 2015 running of the Polar Bear Marathon. It was ALMOST a bust as our luggage did not come in  to Winnipeg, Manitoba until Thursday night (the 19th) & we had a 7:30 AM flight the next morning.

 Arriving into Churchill , we got our first impression of the local weather. . . . . . 

Sunny & warm!


After we got our luggage (you know, the luggage that almost wasn’t!), we headed off to the Tundra Inn in town.

Friday night, Albert Martens (our race director), gave us some words of wisdom & assigned us to our Support Vehicles.

After this, we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep (really?)

A quick pre-start photo to be sure I had all that I needed.

Race morning was not as windy, but every bit as cold. Temperatures at the start of the race were -8 F with a wind chill of -22 F.

                             (Can you say Brrrrrrrr?)

After Oh Canada sung by the local children of Churchill, & a quick pre-start photo, we were off into the sunrise.

No fanfare, no starting clock, just a BANG of the shotgun & we were off; each of us keeping track of our own times.

I hung with a couple from S. Carolina as we shared a support vehicle (remember, there are BEARS OUT THERE!).

The sunrise was beautiful & it allowed all of the runners a glimpse of God’s beauty!

From town out to the airport road, it was mostly ice, so “running” was spotty at best. Most of us were just trying to stay upright.

Just past the airport road, the course turned to gravel, so the footing was much better.

As in all races, it is always good to read road signs & follow directions. Here is one sign that one doesn’t see every day! 

Despite the temperatures, I was warming up pretty quickly, My balaclava was on, then off, then on, then off. My zipper was up, then down, then up, then down & my gloves were on, then off, then on, then off.

During one of the off times, I snapped a shot of my hand! WEIRD, EH?

Mid-race, the urge to take a Selfie was overwhelming. 

Onward I ran, mostly toasty, but the tops of my feet were beginning to get cold & I was beginning to slow down (I always seem to be undertrained. I couldn’t imagine how I’d perform if I actually trained harder.)

By the Half Marathon point, I was a bit farther behind than I cared to be & my feet were pretty cold. I decided to call it good at the Half Marathon point. I mean come on, less than 100 people in the world have ever run a marathon OR half marathon on the “edge of the arctic” here in Churchill.

Good thing we were in the van, eh?
(Bear: “Why do I always leave my can opener at home when there is food around?”)

All photos courtesy of Power to Change Films.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Bear is On!

Know No Boundaries will be teaming up with Athletes in Action to run the 2015 Polar Bear Marathon scheduled to be held in Churchill, Manitoba on November 21, 2015.

Churchill is a remote community in Northern Manitoba where just the environment much of the year can pose their own boundaries & limitations.

Our participation in this event will bring awareness to their needs, allow us an opportunity to share God’s love for them all while pushing our own boundaries.
Average temperatures in late November will be a “balmy” -30 degrees! (Yup, that IS a minus!).

Help us by making your Tax Deductible donation by clicking the DONATE button on our home page; Know No Boundaries.

Thank you & God Bless you!