Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6 Hour Snake Run (sans Snakes)

Well this is a bit late, but better late then never, eh? The 6 Hour Snake Run on March 21st was great. A hint of freezing drizzle at first but that passed quickly. There was a really great turn out. I always feel closest to God when I am on the trails. It is just a "back to nature" feeling.

After a few words from our illustrious race co-director K2 (aka Ken Childress), we were off.

It was like Little Red Riding Hood except for the fact that there was no river (actually there was no Grandma either). There were plenty of friends out on the trail all looking for snakes however the only snake seen was most likely my running tights from Running Funky.

The trail was well marked with pink ribbon with black polka dots as well as "W" signs showing any trail neophytes that they are going in the wrong direction.

Bill Ford ran & was the epitome of Know No Boundaries. Bill was raising money for a high school track runner to be able to go to Australia to compete. Bill ran for 24 hours & ended up at the start of the 6 Hour Snake Run after having already run for 16 hours! Bill ended up with approximately 88 miles! Way to go Bill & congratulations.

Trail running (or any running for that matter) allows me time to think, pray & ccontemplate life. However we often times run across something that totally grabs our attention. Now WHAT is a clothes drier doing in the middle of the trail on Turkey Mountain? I guess that someone was trail running one day & dirtied their clothes & had to go all the way home to wash them. Maybe they thought that bring a washer here would help - - - NOT!! I totally despise people who do not respect our environment & who have not been considerate enough to dispose of this correctly. Whoever you are - - - SHAME ON YOU!

Kathy did a great job of pacing Bill during some of his 24 hour run & had reserve energy to jump in as well during the run.

It would also be poor sportsmanship if we didn't recognize our race sponsor & race mascots.

Thanks TATURS.
On the way will be "Trail Running & the Olfactory".
See you all on the trail & God Bless You.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Recapping the Mission of Know No Boundaries

Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".
What is the connection you say, well let's dissect the scripture.

I - This means you, me, him, her or whoever.

Can do - This points to being able to do something. Not try something or maybe do something but to actually DO IT!

All Things - It does not say some things, or this thing but not that thing but ALL THINGS.

Through Christ - Now here is the source of the "can do all things" ability. We are not in this world to sit idly & just ride the wave of life to its finish. We are here on a mission & we are fools if we think that we can do it on our own with no help. It is through & with the ever present power of God & the help of the Holy Spirit that we can overcome life's obstacles.

Who Strengthens Me - Again, the strength to overcome boundaries is not some innate thing that we are born with but a strength to overcoem obstacles & break through boundaries with the strength FROM GOD TO ME.

Okay, so lets get this straight, most of life's boundaries are self set or self imposed. We often think that we can muscle through them on our own & most often we get frustrated when we can't. Initially these are fine webs like those of a spider which are easy to break . But after our continued effort to do it on our own accord without the strength & guidance of the Holy Spirt, these fine webs begin to turn into steel cables further locking us into this inability to overcome our boundaries. It is here that our mental state begins to buy into our inability to overcome these boundaries.

Luckily for us that even these seemingly unbreakable cables can & are broken according to God's promises. Look around you each day & see those walking in God's grace & pulling from His strength living their lives overcoming boundaries & limitations. Men with two prosthetic legs competing in triathlons like Rudy Garcia-Tolson, blind men climbing mountains like Eric Weinmeyer who summited Mount Everest or Nick Vujicic who was born with limbs, has a double major in Accounting & Financial Planning & travels the world as a motivational speaker & preacher or . . . . . . . . you get the picture.

Know No Boundaries is a non-profit foundation aimed at working with people to help them overcome their self set boundaries through friendship, mentoring & supplying crutches, wheelchairs or even prosthetic where needed in order to further God's plan that we can "do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

God Bless you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Just Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Well friends, God is amzing in how He brings things together in just the rignt way & at just the right time. I have been attending a local networking group weekly. As a result, I have ran across some great opportunities for fundaising opportunities for the foundation. Although I am still wrestling with the IRS on the 501 (c)(3) status, I believe that this is from God & that it WILL happen. I am looking at logo candles from the Macaroni Candle Company & possible T-shirts from Rock Custom Wear out of Middleburg, Florida. check out their first go at the logo in reflective vinyl.
I continue to be amazed at how many people in the world who are living examples of "Knowing No Boundaries". A man in Missouri wou has been running barefoot for 5 years (rain or snow) & is raising money to supply wheelchairs for people in Africa; Serge & Nicole's around the world; 25,000 mile; 5 year epic run raising money for various charities but mainly Vision Quest to provide treatment and prevention for blinding eye conditions in under served areas worldwide. And then there is Erskein Lenier who will run across America in 2011 - BAREFOOT!
There are plenty of people out there breaking through boundaries & doing it for the good of humanity.
As for me & my world, I continue to grow Know No Boundaries & run with my usual group during the week & on Saturdays. This past Saturday was a great 18 miler (although I cut it to 13 1/4 for me as I missed some of the long runs lately).

The Tulsa sunrise is always beautiful. Many wer not present as they had the annual St. Patricks Day Run this morning. Too bad w didn't see any Leprechans.
Part of the way through the Midland Valley Trail, we always come up on this building. I cannot figure out why I always pick up the pace here. Even more daunting, is the fact that "the next step" comes up next on the trail.
None-the-less, the mornings run was good & we had a great time.

See you all on the trail & as always, God Bless You & Know No Boundaries!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To Truly Know No Boundaries

Surfing on the web this evening, I ran across this truly amazing man who is the epitome of "knowing no boundaries". Check out the site & video trailer.


You have GOT to comment on this feet ( I mean feat)!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Blustery Day Saturday Was

Saturday's run made me think of the old show "The flying Nun", you know where Sally Fields took off in her habit. Man it was W I N D Y! Heading South on Riverside & across the Pedestrian Bridge was often like running on a treadmill - lots of effort but not getting anywhere. There was a GREAT turn out though & it was not frigid as it had been in the past. Despite the beautiful day, I was really sucking wind (no pun intended). All of always seem to have so much to do in our lives that we cannot always get it all in. For me, a daily run is not always doable. I/we all need to do better. I for one plan on going to the gym Monday morning & will see about getting out on the Liberty Trail out in Broken Arrow some mornings - Any takers?
We all totally enjoyed this spring-like weather although some folks seem to be enjoying themselves more than others. Unfortunately there were NOT in our group.

Today the boundaries of having to pull myself out of a warm bet only to run with a group of like minded people out in freezing weather did not exist. One would have been a fool to stay in bed on a morning like this. I expect that things will only be getting better for a while before the next boundary is place before us - that is staying inside a nice cool house when it is 100+ F outside. Badwater here we come.

Back to Saturday's run, we all really enjoyed ourselves, some even more than others. Although I love running along Riverside, it is something about certain segments on the West side that really depress me. The two ends are great, it is the middle section that is bad.

Back along the East side of the river, felt like homecoming as there were plenty of friends from many different running groups that were all there. What a community - you got to love it.

I gotta get one of these shirts. How many people actually ask you

"How far you ran today?" Do people really care? The largest percentage of society mainly run from the couch to the fridge interspersed with runs to the bathroom.

None the less, it was a great run.

We all gathered back at Veterans Park to chill a bit, re-load & visit about the great run & the wonderful weather.

Now as for that sucking wind thing, next time I will leave off the leg weights.
Dr. Z was there all prepared to soothe our aches & many took full advantage of it.

I'll be next Dr. Z.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remember You Are Dust & to Dust You Shall Return

You know all of this talk & encouragement about "knowing no boundaries" made me think recently. This is the season of Lent & during this time we have an opportunity to look at our mortality. What's that I said - mortality. That puts in perspective that we ultimately do have some earthly boundaries. It is not until we are in heaven, that we will truly have NO BOUNDARIES & will be immortal.

I continue to run into people who for no reason except for their own choice, have chosen to set boundaries; physical, professional, mental, emotional & on & on & on.

A man from California is planning on running across American in 2011 - BAREFOOT! Why you say? I say "Why not?" Motivational speaker Chris Widener has a phenomenal memory & has been able to repeat back 100 numbers backward & forward after only seeing them once for approximately 5 minutes. How you say? Learn the mental exercises & processes & do it yourself. The problem is that people say "I would give anything if I could ______ (you fill in the blank)?" They would give anything except time & effort.

Take time this Lenten season to not only reflect on your own mortality & your own TRUE boundaries & then decide to break through all others. You CAN DO IT.

"There is no mountain view without first a climb." - Ken Saveth

God Bless You

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