Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Blustery Day Saturday Was

Saturday's run made me think of the old show "The flying Nun", you know where Sally Fields took off in her habit. Man it was W I N D Y! Heading South on Riverside & across the Pedestrian Bridge was often like running on a treadmill - lots of effort but not getting anywhere. There was a GREAT turn out though & it was not frigid as it had been in the past. Despite the beautiful day, I was really sucking wind (no pun intended). All of always seem to have so much to do in our lives that we cannot always get it all in. For me, a daily run is not always doable. I/we all need to do better. I for one plan on going to the gym Monday morning & will see about getting out on the Liberty Trail out in Broken Arrow some mornings - Any takers?
We all totally enjoyed this spring-like weather although some folks seem to be enjoying themselves more than others. Unfortunately there were NOT in our group.

Today the boundaries of having to pull myself out of a warm bet only to run with a group of like minded people out in freezing weather did not exist. One would have been a fool to stay in bed on a morning like this. I expect that things will only be getting better for a while before the next boundary is place before us - that is staying inside a nice cool house when it is 100+ F outside. Badwater here we come.

Back to Saturday's run, we all really enjoyed ourselves, some even more than others. Although I love running along Riverside, it is something about certain segments on the West side that really depress me. The two ends are great, it is the middle section that is bad.

Back along the East side of the river, felt like homecoming as there were plenty of friends from many different running groups that were all there. What a community - you got to love it.

I gotta get one of these shirts. How many people actually ask you

"How far you ran today?" Do people really care? The largest percentage of society mainly run from the couch to the fridge interspersed with runs to the bathroom.

None the less, it was a great run.

We all gathered back at Veterans Park to chill a bit, re-load & visit about the great run & the wonderful weather.

Now as for that sucking wind thing, next time I will leave off the leg weights.
Dr. Z was there all prepared to soothe our aches & many took full advantage of it.

I'll be next Dr. Z.

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