Sunday, June 21, 2009

Training to break those boundaries

Well friends, with the weather warming up a bit, have you put a damper (or a boundary) on your outside activities? As long as you are hydrated & protect yourself, outside activities should not hinder you from getting some needed exercise (not to mention vitamin D).

I went for an afternoon run @ lunch only to find the temperature a bit higher then I thought. Oh well. When I was in Oman 2 weeks ago, a group of runners headed out for a lunchtime run but there it was 125 F! Ouch!

Anyway, as long as you wear a hat & hydrate properly, you should be able to enjoy your afternoon exercising. How do you think the competitors in Badwater deal with the heat - TRAINING, TRAINING & more TRAINING.

I was hoping for some clouds, but no luck. On the way back, the temperature was no better.

It was nice to get into the shade on the way back. I got the feeling though that I was being followed (or at least being watched - - you think?)

Our long run Saturday morning was really nice. K1 & I got in some extra miles earlier. I am a bit worried that my birthday gift to myself will be more painful than I care for. I well - I guess I ought to get prepared, eh? It was really nice to see some fellow Maniacs. We are now up to 1600 members!

Anyway, the run was nice & the group has really grown. It is great to see others pushing their running boundaries to run their first 1/2 or full marathon.

As it is always this time of year, it warmed up quick so hydrating was critical.
As we neared the last few miles, we had a few quite onlookers. Good thing that they were on the grass & off of the trail or they would have been sitting ducks for getting run over.

None-the-less, it was a great run & a way to push those temperature boundaries. At the end, cold ice sponges were heaven sent for the ole' noggin & across the back of the neck.

The Barkley Book Fair is coming next weekend & it should be awesome!
One more thing - - I actually believe that I am in the final phases with the IRS for my 501 (c)(3) none profit status for Know No Boundaries so STAY TUNED for exciting things & events.
And as always, know that YOU determine what you can & can't do & what "boundaries" are set. Remember, obstacles or walls are not there to keep others out, but to push us to see how bad we want something.
May GOD always smile on you & may your will always be HIS will.
God Bless;

Thursday, June 18, 2009

50 Miles for 50 Years Route

Well friends, I belive K1 & I have come up wit a proposed route for my 50 Miles for 50 Years Birthday Run. It is really knowing no boundaries as I am probably not ready & am a bit overweight (from my whirlwind Middle East & North Africa trip) but I WILL DO IT (even if I do a lot of walking).

Here is the proposed route. Come join us along the way for fun, friendship & pain (no whining though).

Enjoy & as always, PUSH THOSE BOUNDARIES!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Back (Again)

Hey all. Sorry for the LONG delay. I had been in Tunisia, Oman, Kuwait & Egypt (crossing lots of boundaries ah?) & am just getting my land legs back.

I am glad to be back & to get back to my regular training.

I will have to say that I did way too much eating. I obviously went "outside my boundaries" in that I ate at the wrong times, & ate the wrong amounts. I will have to say though, that I ate PLENTY of fish. Being on the Mediterranean during part of the trip, the Gulf of Oman on another part & the Red Sea on the final part, there was plenty of sources of fresh fish. It was great! No knives or forks, just hands. As they say "when in Rome, . . . . ". We just grabbed a whole fish (gutted of course) but not de-boned, & just dug in. Hmmm, hmmm good.

I heard from the IRS & the final 501 (c)(3) status looks to be coming next week. I am thrilled as now I can begin formal fundraising. (Hint: You can send money any time).

The mileage is going to be ratcheted up quickly as the one major boundary that is being broken will be on my 50th birthday; July 11th. I am running 50 miles with friends. (Y'all are welcome to run it all or just part). Keep posted for run details. Met with K1 to discuss the route & it looks like it will be Turkey Mountain to NSU & back. This will give anyone who wants to jump in along the way plenty of places to join in.

Additionally, K1 & I have officially signed up for the Heartland 100 in Cassoday, Kansas in October. This will be just one more "boundary" broken. I cannot wait. The illustrious Dana will be crewing for us so we will be in good hands.

What boundaries have you broken lately? I would love to hear about them & be able to share them with the Know No Boundaries family.

Ciao for now friends & keep a close watch here for future news.


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