Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Back (Again)

Hey all. Sorry for the LONG delay. I had been in Tunisia, Oman, Kuwait & Egypt (crossing lots of boundaries ah?) & am just getting my land legs back.

I am glad to be back & to get back to my regular training.

I will have to say that I did way too much eating. I obviously went "outside my boundaries" in that I ate at the wrong times, & ate the wrong amounts. I will have to say though, that I ate PLENTY of fish. Being on the Mediterranean during part of the trip, the Gulf of Oman on another part & the Red Sea on the final part, there was plenty of sources of fresh fish. It was great! No knives or forks, just hands. As they say "when in Rome, . . . . ". We just grabbed a whole fish (gutted of course) but not de-boned, & just dug in. Hmmm, hmmm good.

I heard from the IRS & the final 501 (c)(3) status looks to be coming next week. I am thrilled as now I can begin formal fundraising. (Hint: You can send money any time).

The mileage is going to be ratcheted up quickly as the one major boundary that is being broken will be on my 50th birthday; July 11th. I am running 50 miles with friends. (Y'all are welcome to run it all or just part). Keep posted for run details. Met with K1 to discuss the route & it looks like it will be Turkey Mountain to NSU & back. This will give anyone who wants to jump in along the way plenty of places to join in.

Additionally, K1 & I have officially signed up for the Heartland 100 in Cassoday, Kansas in October. This will be just one more "boundary" broken. I cannot wait. The illustrious Dana will be crewing for us so we will be in good hands.

What boundaries have you broken lately? I would love to hear about them & be able to share them with the Know No Boundaries family.

Ciao for now friends & keep a close watch here for future news.


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