Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birds of a Feather

Good afternoon friends. Saturday (like all Saturdays) are 'Made for Running' & this Saturday was no different. Although the schedule was supposed to be 5 miles, I really needed to get in more foot time. K1 & Bobby were kind enough to agree to meet an hour earlier to get in 5 miles before meeting up with the rest of the gang.

It is a great feeling when you win the battle with the opportunity clock. Most people will hit snooze or not set it on a Saturday morning but then again, maybe they are the same ones who say
that "they cannot" do something. Come on people, in order to "DO" anything , you need be committed. You need to make the mental decision to ignore any limiting thoughts or obstacles (I.e. your alarm clock) & get off your derriere & take the first step.

Now where was I? Oh yes, K1, Bobby & I got in some mileage before meeting everyone else.

In running along the Arkansas River, there is a Bald Eagle protected area. We were just hummin' along & K1 yells "STOP!". Holy Bald Eagle Feathers Batman (I mean K1). After quickly grabbing my arm, I realized that this was an opportune photo op - Birds of a Feather, eh?
(Notice any similarities?)

Actually, there are plenty of similarities between marathon & ultra distance runners & eagles -
  • They are bold (not bald!)

  • They rise above adversity

  • They are leaders, not followers

  • They are strong

  • They are born to soar

  • They will not quit
Now in addition to all of these great qualities, some of us even sport the same "look" (just kidding).

After getting over the shock of K1 yelling "Stop!". we made it back to the group where Coach Kathy was giving her pep talk to the troops.

Since we had already gotten in 5, we opted for our 2nd 5 to be up to Turkey Mountain & back. (You know, I have never figured out this name as I have never seen any turkeys there & it is really not a mountain).
We headed up until we hit some sort of diversion in the road.

Running back down we knew that God was smiling on us & that He was happy that we won over the alarm clock & got out to enjoy life & His day.

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