Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still Pushing

Sorry for the long hiatus again. I had been in the Egyptian desert for 30 days & was out of touch with my blogging. Talk about "pushing boundaries", being in the desert for that long without friends & family (not to mention a good opportunity to run this time around) was pushing my mental boundaries.

Well I have to say that I am back home & things wil lbe clicking along soon enough. Back running again was on thing that was missed. I particularly missed K1; my ultimate running buddy. Although I will have to say that with the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays upon us, I have not spent much with my running friends as I would like.

2010 will be the time for Know No Boundaries to really shine as I will be pouring more of myself into it & kick off the year with some good fundraising events, possible speakers or som other major event. So far I feel that I have been skirting along the boundary edge & have not really pushed over to have a true monumental breakthrough. 2010 will see that push.

As I am not already busy enough, I joined up with the Gentlemen's Association; an organization to strengthen & even bring back the true aspect of being a gentlemen. This is in etiquette, manners, dress as well as business & personal interactions. I am going to be bringing in a chapter here to Oklahoma. In today's society, manners, etiquette & being a gentleman NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT BACK.
We will see what else 2010 brings. Defintely it will bring more opportunities to break through previously set boundaries.

I want to wish each of you a very blessed Christmas holiday & may God bless you & your families.


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