Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Big One

Saturday evening we have our B I G run. I am using it for my Mother Road 100 training run. It looks to be about 51 miles (yikes!). We will start around 9:00 PM (ish). Knowing my pace, I will probably get back to the house around the time that my daughter is finishig a late breakfast - around 11:00 AM Sunday.

I am pretty psyched (is that how it is spelled??) about it as well as a bit apprehensive. My pace is slow so I often end up running alone. At night, it could be a bit SPOOKY (lions & tigers & bears Oh My!)

Oh well. It should be a blast anyway. At least I can sleep the rest of Sunday when I get back home.

Know No Boundaries is also beginning to take a more solid shape. I am waiting on final approval from the IRS for my 501C3 status. Then we can begin seeking donations. The website should also be up soon. It may not be totall high tech at first, but I will be working with our Director of Technology on adding plenty of fluff.

Until next time my friends. And as always, Know No Boundaries!

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T Z said...

You'll do just fine on this run. Finish with a smile on your face and you're almost guaranteed a finish in November!

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