Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, the Big One came & went. I was really psyched for this run but it was not my night. Dinner just didn't sit well (need I say more?). It started off GREAT around 9:00 - 9:15 PM. Although I had hoped that the weather would have colled off, it was H O T!. Oh did I mention a zillion percent humidity as well? I made it about 13 miles & then had to hang it up. There was no body more disappointed at me than I was. Unfortunately I reall beat myself up all the next day. Sometimes the mind is strong & the body is weak. I need to really be aware of WHAT I eat & WHEN I eat it. I will not do this again. I am looking for another opportunity ro run long. I might just have to plan additional miles around my normal Saturday morning long run.

I really need to work on this mental game as well. I mean, that is what it is right; a mental game? The mind needs to be like a steel trap with regards to its committment & it needs to fool the body that it is not that bad. I'll work on it.

Any suggestions?

Until next time - - Know No Boundaries

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