Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nothing like my morning shot of running (better than coffee)

My early Saturday morning runs are great - they are better than a double shot of expresso or a hot cup of your favorite Joe (I always though coffee's name was Juan Valedez). It is great to be up & active & to be in tune with the world BEFORE most prole are awake.

Anyway, it is always nice to get out & get the ol' bones moving. Getting up early is another one of those so called "boundaries" that we often run into. "How can you get up so early? Aren't you tired? I could never get up that early on a Saturday. I need my rest after working all week." So once again, here is the proverbial self fullfilling prophesy - "I could never get up that early on a Saturday." That is the key to Know No Boundaries, the fact that people limit themselves in EVERY ASPECT of their lives by this negative self talk. The most important conversations that you will ever have in you life, are those that you have with youself! If you say yo can or if you say you can't, you are right.

Why don't you say YES to possibility, say YES to your desire to life a healthier life (morning runs are a great start), say YES to studying harder in school or working more diligently at work, sSay YES to being a more positive person to everyone you come in contact with and say YES to GOD. It is GOD who gives us the strength & fortitude to break through the boundaries that we feel are shackling us to a life of limited possibilities. Pray for help to Know No Boundaries.

I even found a TATUR singing Numa Numa. You'll be singing it all day.

Speaking again of boundaries, the Turkey & TATUR 50km trail run is Sunday September 14th on Turkey Mountain in Tulsa so I will once again, push my boundaries. I cannot figure this one out. It is not really a mounitain & there are no turkeys on it (unless yo call us trail runners turkeys). And as for TATUR (maw said to keep away from them thar tatur's. Is it tatur as in Po-tatur? I guess not. It is Tulsa Area Trail Ultra Runners). I wonder if Mr. Potato Head is a TATUR? He looks to be out on the road. Hmmmmm, I don't know why I am thinkng about mashed potatos.

Well as you go into a new week, take a long look at you life & your self talk & tell youself that YOU CAN do whatever you sent your mind to. Then - - - - DO IT!

Know No Boundaries

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T Z said...


Did you do the Turkey Race? I started around 12 minutes late and never saw you.

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