Friday, January 22, 2010

How Much are You Committed?

Every second, someone in the world is committing to something. For followers of my blog, many are committed to breaking out of their self set, self limiting boundaries (oh & to endurance running also). Our last weekend's run was out at Post Oak Lodge on the same trails that will be run for the inagural Post Oak Trail Marathon & 50km in February.

The first hint that it was going to be interesting should have been the fact that 1) we had light rain (hmm, this is a TRAIL run so it is likely to be slightly muddy) & 2) that it was foggy. I just love fog as it always reminds me of Old London, Jack the Ripper & all that stuff.

Brian & team were nice enough to give us a few tips & remind us to sign the waiver before heading out on the trails. A waiver for a trail run? Is there "something out there in "The Fog" that we should know about?

We headed off just as the sun was out. The first thing that should have turned us back was the fact that my feet were soaked within the first 100 yards. But since "boundaries" are not necessarily to keep things in or out, but things that indicate just how much we want something, just how bad is our determination & committment. With this in mind, onward we marched (or should I say slogged). Jonny Spriggs (Post Oak Lodge Run race director) & Ed stopped shortly after heading off to be suer to check for any stragglers. It would be aweful to loose a runner here before the inagural race.

Although the trails are still under construction, Johnny & team did a great job.

Drizzle, rain & fog did not disappoint us. We had pkenty of wet leaves, mud, mud & more mud.

Here Johnny shows Ed how to jump the wet spots without landing in the water.

After slipping & sliding, we crested Hamburger Hill. Too bad past visitors charred the ground.

Even with all of our slipping & sliding, we stll have slogged on to know no boundaries. Besides, we were having loads of fun. It is not every day that grown adults get to play in the mud.

We headed back down from Hamburger Hill & were soon back out on the trails weaving around trees & rocks & leaping across what small creeks were in our way.

It was not long before we stumbled across the ancient ruins of our trail running ancestors.

After a short prayer on trail, we head off & made our approach on Holmes Peak. Holes Peak is the highest point in North East Oklahoma. Once at the top, we were blessed with a beautiful view.

After heading back down, we made it to more level terrain however the mud was still there as Johnny once again show us.

Once we finished up, a few of us wanted to head back out to check some other of the Post Oak Lodge trails. We took one quick break for a group photo.

From here, we finally headed back to the parking lot where I could take stock of myself after one heck of a fun mud party.
Now that we have had fun in the mud & realized that a little rain, a little mud & a bit of cold weather is only a boundary if we so choose. With this said, Know No Boundaries.
Our next run is Saturday & they say 70% chance of rain. Let's see how we can break through this boundary as well.
God Bless;

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