Thursday, May 3, 2007

Know No Boundaries

Know No Boundaries

Hmmmm, what are boundaries anyway? To some they are what we tell our children not to color out of, to others they are what divides states and countries while to still others, they stand for our current physical limits. Through God's grace, we can overcome many (if not all) of these self-set boundaries.

Several years ago (or more), my physical boundaries were how far I had to move to get the TV remote. The thought of people actually running 5km seemed ludicrous. After finally getting off my duff and actually running a 5km, I was elated that I broke through a boundary that I thought was impenetrable. Since that first glorious day, countless 5km runs have been completed. This first boundary was just a faint memory.

When one truely loves God & desires to serve Him through all of what He guides us into, many of life's boundaries fall away; some physical boundaries included. Running a marathon was another of those self limiting boundaries. I could not imagine the insanity of running further than 5km let alone an actual MARATHON! Time passed & through much prayer, I decided to give it a try. I can say that I am now one of those insane marathoners (8 times over). The more you are ;iving in God's grace & doing His will, the easier breaking through your boundaries is.

As I got more marathons under my belt, I realized that I could over come this boundary too & to encourage others to know that they can as well with the help & guidance of God. I began to get thoughts of running beyond the marathon distance. Was that possible; I thought? How could anyone actually run 50km, 50 miles, 100 miles or more? or was this just one more self limiting boundary? I have since completed (8) marathons, (3) 50 km trail runs, (1) 40 miler & (1) 50 miler.
Now what is this all about? It is about abandoning yourself to what God has in store for you in your life. When you abandon yourself to God's will, there are no boundaries. It is about knowing no boundaries in how much you help your family & loved ones, your neighbor, your community. It is about having nop boundaries in what we choose to do for God & for God's people.
Whatsoever you do to the least of those in God's kingdom, it is done also to Jesus Christ Himself. God will never let us down & will help us overcome, physical, spiritual, emotional & financial boundaries as long as we abide in His love & do His will.
Know No Boundaries is a Catholic Christian Ministry formed to help those who feel that they have reached a boundary in their lives & to share God's love for them in their lives.

I will be 50 years old soon and so I have started thinking about what other boundaries need breaking through. I desire to reach out to as many people as I can to help them find their self-limiting boundaries & with God's help, to help them break through them. As for my next physical boundary, I am running my 2nd 50 miler in August 2007 & may shoot for my first 100 miler in 2008. After that, only God knows!

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T Z said...

Hey, it's cool to find another ultra runner in these parts. Congrats on your endeavors. What 100 are you planning on? I have ran 6....3 finishes, one dnf at 80 miles, one where I was pulled at 58 miles due to being past a time cutoff, and one bad race where I started sick and went downhill from there.

I'd be interested in the Chisolm Trail run. Where can I find out more about it?


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