Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Night of & the Morning After

Sleep, who needs sleep. Again, it gets down to self limiting beliefs. "What the mind can conceive, it can achieve" - Napoleon Hill. The Broken Arrow chapter of the Knights of Colombus Council 6606 smokes meat (ribs, brisket, bologna & chicken) every year just prior to the Super Bowl. As always, I take the late shift (10 PM Friday to 6 AM Saturday). I like to let others sleep & work the shift that nobody wants. What a blast!

I will say that I do have a plan in mind. I generally run Saturday mornings so the plan was to work the lat shift, & then head down to Riverside for our Saturday morning marathon training. I gotta say that as the night wore on & it got cooler, I was thinking of that warm bed. But my irrational side won out & I headed down for our run.

The group gathered @ 73rd & Riverside at Helmrich Park & was eager to get going as the sun was not totally up enough to warm us yet. WHAT WAS I THINKING! I should have been home in bed. I had not slept since 5:30 AM the previous morning.(Shut Up I told my rational mind. You can do whatever you sent your mind & heart to).

It was great fo have the K-Team (K1 & K2 both Kens) in good spirts & good form. As we headed off, I relished in the thought that Life is Good. Crisp morning air, Great friends, Great exercize & overall, Great to know that we don't always get what we want, but we get what we expect. I expect GREAT TIMES & I get exactly that. In life, the boundaries or limitations that we seem to run into, are more often than not, reflections of our own mental attitidues projected in our reality. If yu change your attitide, you ultimately change your reality. I know that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to & I have every intension of doing just that. You can as well. You have the capacity; God gave it to all of us. Don't waste it. Desire to run up to the Pearly Gates at the end of your life, worn out, cut & bruised having used all of what we have been blessed with. This shows that we have used our God given talents & abilities. Don't be timid & shy being careful not to "damage the merchandise". God will wonder why you wasted the talents & abilities He blessed you with. We will all have to answer for our lives. Be sure that you have left nothing on the table.

God Bless you all.

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T Z said...

Good post, K1! (Am I K2, or K1?) A couple of handsome dudes in the Saturday morning photo!

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