Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pushing Through Frustration

It is good to be blogging again after a long hiatus. Things have been C-R-A-Z-Y both at home & at work. With the start of a new year, we all rekindle our drive & commitments to bettering ourselves; loose that weight, take that class, run that marathon, etc. You get the idea. This time of year has the gym absolutely packed with new faces diligently working with resolve to achieve some pre-set goal.

It is unfortunate that most of those people will fade into obscurity after about 30-45 days. The excitement of the moment, the big resolutions and up being taken over by life's events. That report for the boss that needs to be finished, the recitals & sporting events that need to be attended all seem to take precedence over our goals. Albeit, these things are all important, but without our internal resolve to follow through with our commitments, to break through those boundaries that we see as keeping us from obtaining our desires, we are unknowingly cheating our loved ones, our colleagues and most importantly; ourselves of a critical trait. The trait to overcome obstacles, find solutions to perceived problems, find the resolve & inner determination to press on against seemingly insurmountable odds. All of this says more about ourselves than we know. It teaches our family, our colleagues & ourselves that WE CAN. WE CAN run that race, WE CAN finish that report on time, WE CAN loose that weight, WE CAN!

Now that I am back from my first-of-the-year business trip to Dubai & Cairo, I am re-committed to working towards pushing the limits, breaking through barriers, knowing no boundaries. I have several ultramarathons planned for this spring so watch for more details.

Additionally, I will be 50 this year & I will be making sure that this is by no means going to limit me. Society may lable 50 year olds as "old", but that is purely a mental label & one that you can definitely overcome. Again, better than 80% of limitations ARE MENTAL. I have seen runners with (2), that is TWO prosthetic legs running a marathon. I am sure that this man will not let a conventional mindset limit him.

I see this through all of my global travels in people overcoming HUGE challenges. Nobody told them that they could not do something, they just decided to JUST DO IT!

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