Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cold Morning Run and Men's & Women's Brains

I will start off by saying that this mornings run was FRIGID! Well, after we got started I warmed up but after the first loop, we stopped for water & all that sweat began to freeze. I sat out the 3 miler & just waited for the 5 mile Poker Run (good thing I do not play poker, I had a horrible hand of NOTHING). Regarding "knowing no boundaries", I believe that I may have found one of mine - FRIGID WEATHER!. Well actually if I dressed differently, I would have been fine. See there; just when I thought I hit a boundary, I was able to talk myself out of it & came up with an answer. This is the same in all things in life not only in my life, but also yours. If we just look at things from a different perspective, we often find that our "can'ts" are "won'ts" & that we may often trying to justify our reason for not dooing that thing.

Now - regarding TZ's Women Driver video in his BLOG, hilarious. I am sure that the women out there will supply him with a stupid men's video. This however, reminded me of a video that I just received that explains HOW men's & women's brains work. This explains a lot of the driving video.

And as always, live your life under God's guidance & knowing no boundaries. K2

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T Z said...

Sheesh! This guy is dead-on right! Women really have no comprehension of our "nothing" box.

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