Sunday, February 22, 2009

If It is Freezing, It Must Be Saturday

Holy Frostbite Batman!

It was GREAT running weather all week but nooooo, it has to be
F R E E Z I N G on Saturday morning during our weekly long runs.

Mother Nature seems to have a cruel sense of humor. We huddled up at Veteran's Park & tried to stay warm before heading off into the wild & windy morning.

Despite the frigid weather, there are still those who choose to wear shorts. I guess when the ol' thigh muscles get moving, they generate enough heat to stay warm. As always, it is always good to see & run with K1. Too bad we couldn't use the pair of K's in last weeks Poker Run.

It seems that in weather like this, it could be easy to stay in a warm bed or at home with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.. But then again, this would be telling yourself that "you cannot run in cold weather" - a self set boundary. I can tell you that standing out @ Veteran's Park before we headed out i did indeed have those thoughts. Luckily I got my wits about myself & stayed out there freezing & ready for a good morning's run.

We headed out onto Riverside Drive going North (figures as the wind was in our faces!). After about 5 minutes, there was no feeling in my nose & I pulled up my turtleneck up as far as it would go. WHOOSH - there went my hat - one of many times it would blow off. Across the 11th Street bridge & then South on the West side of the river.

Heading South was much better as we were out of the wind. Time to unzip the jacket for a bit. It is always nice on this part as the ducks are plentiful & often times the Tulsa Rowing Club are out on the river. After crossing the old wooden bridge, we made our way over to the Pedestrian Bridge & back across the river.

The wind was fierce crossing the river & I took off my had so that it wouldn't end up IN the river. It had already blown off (3) times already. Near the end of the Pedestrian Bridge it was obvious how windy it was as the fountains were covering the bridge in a C O L D mist. (it was actually icy as the mist had frozen on the bridge.

From here we looped around & then took off North again. At 21st Street was the first water stop aside from the usual water fountains. WOOSH - that darn hat again. I am thinking of getting some Velcro.
At this point, I am getting tired of having to stop & pick up my hat. If it were not so cold, I would stuff it in my waistband.

We made curve around Peoria Ave. & then looped around & headed torwards 6th Street. Every time I run by this area, I have to stop & thank God for life & my ability to run. The other thought is that if it is my time to go, at least I would not have to be taken very far.

Up 6th Street & then back South on Boston Ave. took us back to Veteran's Park. By now I was a bit warmer & ready for some carbs which Kathy always has ready for us. Fig Newtons are my favorite but I will take anything that is out.

A bit of final fellowship & conversation about the morning's run with good friends & then off for a hot cup of coffee.

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