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I've Been Thinking

For some reason I was thinking tonight about boundaries & comfort zones. They are actually closely related if you think about it. We set boundaries in our lives based upon where we feel comfortable. Just when you begin to get a bit uncomfortable, BINGO - you hit your boundary, your limit, the edge of your comfort zone. Sometimes it is a warm blanket & some times it is something else.

I believe that in order to grow, we need to get out side our comfort zone. However this may not be as easy you would like. Maybe we can start by expanding our zone rather than just busting through it. I mean there is no point of just jumping off into something way out there.

Well, I'll make it a wrap for now. Just know that expanding your comfort zone as you move towards a total break out, is a good first step. You have to crawl before you can walk.

Life is full of opportunities to test this as God often pushes us into uncomfortable situations in order for us to lean on Him. When we do so, LOOK O…

If It is Freezing, It Must Be Saturday

Holy Frostbite Batman!

It was GREAT running weather all week but nooooo, it has to be F R E E Z I N G on Saturday morning during our weekly long runs.
Mother Nature seems to have a cruel sense of humor. We huddled up at Veteran's Park & tried to stay warm before heading off into the wild & windy morning.

Despite the frigid weather, there are still those who choose to wear shorts. I guess when the ol' thigh muscles get moving, they generate enough heat to stay warm. As always, it is always good to see & run with K1. Too bad we couldn't use the pair of K's in last weeks Poker Run.
It seems that in weather like this, it could be easy to stay in a warm bed or at home with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.. But then again, this would be telling yourself that "you cannot run in cold weather" - a self set boundary. I can tell you that standing out @ Veteran's Park before we headed out i did indeed have those thoughts. Luckily I got my wits about mys…

Cold Morning Run and Men's & Women's Brains

I will start off by saying that this mornings run was FRIGID! Well, after we got started I warmed up but after the first loop, we stopped for water & all that sweat began to freeze. I sat out the 3 miler & just waited for the 5 mile Poker Run (good thing I do not play poker, I had a horrible hand of NOTHING). Regarding "knowing no boundaries", I believe that I may have found one of mine - FRIGID WEATHER!. Well actually if I dressed differently, I would have been fine. See there; just when I thought I hit a boundary, I was able to talk myself out of it & came up with an answer. This is the same in all things in life not only in my life, but also yours. If we just look at things from a different perspective, we often find that our "can'ts" are "won'ts" & that we may often trying to justify our reason for not dooing that thing.

Now - regarding TZ's Women Driver video in his BLOG, hilarious. I am sure that the women out there will s…

The Night of & the Morning After

Sleep, who needs sleep. Again, it gets down to self limiting beliefs. "What the mind can conceive, it can achieve" - Napoleon Hill. The Broken Arrow chapter of the Knights of Colombus Council 6606 smokes meat (ribs, brisket, bologna & chicken) every year just prior to the Super Bowl. As always, I take the late shift (10 PM Friday to 6 AM Saturday). I like to let others sleep & work the shift that nobody wants. What a blast!

I will say that I do have a plan in mind. I generally run Saturday mornings so the plan was to work the lat shift, & then head down to Riverside for our Saturday morning marathon training. I gotta say that as the night wore on & it got cooler, I was thinking of that warm bed. But my irrational side won out & I headed down for our run.
The group gathered @ 73rd & Riverside at Helmrich Park & was eager to get going as the sun was not totally up enough to warm us yet. WHAT WAS I THINKING! I should have been home in bed. I had not s…