Monday, February 20, 2012

A Boundary Breaker from the Great White North

Albert Martens is a gentleman unlike anyone I have come to know & a boundary breaker unlike no other.

Albert lives in Manitoba, Canada, has been married to Edna since 1970 & has (3) children. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Well, Albert has completed (46) full marathons, (11) ultra marathons including (4) time entry into the Marathon des Sables in Morocco (one official finish), a 1024 km run across Germany for a fundraiser, a 333 km run across Switzerland, Badwater Ultra, Biel 100 km in Switzerland, Run 101 (for his mother's 101st birthday).

Albert's TOTAL DISTANCE run is equivalent to once around the world = 40,074 km!

In addition, Albert was inducted into the Manitoba Running Hall of Fame in February 2011 & has raised $225K for various charities through his running.

Albert has also completed (2) books -

  • One Million Steps in 1997
  • Sand in My Shoes in 2008

What are his plans you might ask? Albert is planning on producing a running documentary (Grand Canyon), adding a few baseball campls in Canada, planning a Polar Bear Marathon in Churchill, Manitoba in November 2012 & continuing his brain-storming idea oc a cross-Paraguay with Athletes in Action.

Ablert Martens is truely a BOUNDARY BREAKER.
God Bless;

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